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Your Big Year-2022/33 | Development Program

    Your Big Year

    Develop your potential skills and become a better you. It’s high time you made an impact with your ability. You can achieve your earnest dream and join the league of young professionals. Your Big Year will open your insight to becoming the best part of you. And above all affects the lives of close friends and people around.

    Dive in and take advantage to build a better world. Learn about the Your Big Year and how you join.

    About Your Big Year (YBY) Program

    The goal of Your Big Year is to create a society where young people may realize their full potential and use their unique skills to address the serious issues facing the globe.

    Providing equal chances is the long-term objective since anyone can benefit from them. The Your Big Year platform is where you can start your voyage of discovery. Students learn how to transition from academics to careers. They work with young people from all backgrounds.

    Three major programs on the Your Big Year Platform are presently free for accepted applicants:

    • Impact Mates: Online courses centered on creating your own personal road map for your next step in life and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
    • Young Innovators Professional Projects: working on professional initiatives for governments and multinational corporations.
    • International Citizens Challenge: A virtual interactive event to develop cross-cultural solutions 
    • IBM Zsystems Ambassador Program: A student leadership program that teaches you everything about IBM Zsystems and prepares you to represent it at your university.

    Benefits of The Program

    Scholars from different backgrounds gain much from this platform. Check below to see the benefits:

    • The courage to follow their dreams
    • A new group of devoted, like-minded companions who support their objectives
    • The abilities that schools do not teach (for example: how to network, expand your horizons, and build relationships across cultures)
    • A system that enabled them to begin preparing for their upcoming artistic endeavor or professional move

    Eligibilities For the Your Big Year

    If you wish to join the YBY program, you have to be competent in the program. Check out the eligibilities for the program:

    • It is available to youths from 16-35
    • Dedicated and determined youth to participate in the variety of activities they offer.

    Eligible Region

    It is open to all youths and teenagers across the globe. If you are keen to change our world, you can join the program from any part of the world.

    How To Apply For The YBY program

    To join the group of young leaders and develop your skills, follow the guides below to apply:

    • Go to the Official site.
    • Submit your details
    • A committee chooses participants after reviewing submissions before each batch. They make selections  One week prior to the month.
    • You will get an invitation to our Your Big Year Platform if they choose you for the program.

    Application Deadline

    There are 50 spaces available in each group, and acceptances are rolling. It will run from 6th September to 2nd December.

    Other Programs Available