Young Professional Development Program-LEAP

Young Professional Development Program

Do you wish to impact your world? Join the cohort of leaders and achieve your ambition. Now, graduates from Nigeria can apply for the Young Professional Development Program and advance their knowledge. It won’t take much to access the program. With a few details, you are good to go.

Scour to learn how you can apply for the program and how it works. 

About the Young Professional Development Program (LEAP)

The Young Development Program is a program that focuses on raising outstanding leaders in the African development sector. They intend to provide recent graduates with the crucial training, tools, and knowledge to advance their professional potential. Including their career development and exposure to the world. In the end, the person realizes their potential.

One of LEAP Africa’s most innovative programs, it is focused on honing the skills of recent graduates. The young graduate is given a well-structured 12-month on-the-job training experience following their NYSC.  Plus, practical supervisory mentoring helps them develop their key strengths. And it gives them the tools they need to have a positive and long-lasting impact in African communities. Consequently, this program will close the skills gap between what school teaches and how to implement it in the real world.

Roles You Can Apply For

  • MERL Trainee
  • Program Trainee
  • HR/Procurement Trainee
  • E-learning/ICT Trainee
  • Comms/PR Training

Benefits of The Young Professional Development Program 

If you happen to be one of the successful candidates, there are a whole of benefits to enjoy in the program. 

Check below to see the benefits of the program:

  • Competitive Benefits
  • Annual Life and Personal Accident Insurance
  • Working on impactful projects
  • A chance to work with innovative minds!
  • A huge learning culture
  • Opportunity for a full-time employment
  • Annual Telephone and Data Allowance
  • Annual Life and Personal Accident Insurance
  • Hybrid and flexible working conditions

Eligibilities For The Program

To apply for the program, you will have to meet the requirements. Check out the eligibilty requirements below: 

  • Must have completed the NYSC program with at least two years of working experience.
  • A minimum of a B.S. in science from a school with certification.
  • Not more than 27 years.
  • Candidates should be in Lagos and able to devote 12 months to LEAP Africa.
  • For a person committed to social change, a history of volunteering is an added advantage.
  • Invention-driven, rather than embracing the status quo
  • Have an entrepreneurial spirit with an affection for excellence.
  • Extracurricular involvement at school or in the community is advantageous.

Eligibility Region

The application is available in Nigeria. Only Nigerians can apply for the program.

How to Apply For The Young Professional Development Program

Follow the process to apply for the development program:

  • Apply online.
  • Prepare your answers to the questions in the online form you have chosen first.
  • After organizing the answers, finish the online form.
  • The application must be in the English language.

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