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Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships | Fully Funded

    Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships

    Take the chance to further your degree program in Canada. The 2023 Vanier Canada Graduate scholarships are ongoing. Now you can take a step closer to achieving your ambitions and completing your education abroad. Meanwhile, Canadian graduates and international students can apply for the scholarship program. It is a fully funded program.

    Learn about the scholarship program, see how you can apply, the benefits, and the application deadline.

    About 2023 Vanier Scholarships

    The Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships (Vanier CGS) program aids in luring top-tier doctorate candidates to Canadian schools. They named the scholarship after Major-General Georges P. Vanier, the first francophone Governor General of Canada. 

    The Canadian government established Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships (Vanier CGS) program in 2008 to enhance Canada’s capacity to draw in and keep top-tier doctoral students and to position the country as a global hub of excellence in research and higher education. Vanier Scholars exhibit scholarly excellence and leadership qualities while pursuing graduate degrees in the social and humanities, sciences, engineering, or medicine.

    Every year, they give up to 166 scholarships. Up to 500 scholarships are available at any time.

    2023 Vanier Graduate Scholarships Benefits

    The scholarship comes with competitive benefits to students who will gain admission. If you qualify for the program, you stand a chance to enjoy the following benefits:

    • It provides $50,000 each year, which will cover:
    1. tuition fee for three years
    2. Student expenses

    Areas Of Research

    The program also covers some study areas, they are:

    • Health research
    • Natural sciences 
    • Engineering
    • Social sciences 
    • Humanities

    Vanier Scholarship Requirements

    Any student that wishes to partake in the scholarship must meet the requirement. These requirements make the candidate eligible. Check the Vanier scholarship requirements below:

    • You must be a Canadian citizen
    • Permanent residents of Canada
    • Foreign citizens
    • Just one Canadian institution may submit a nomination, and that institution must have earned a Vanier CGS quotaFootnote 
    • To be enrolled in your first doctoral program (including joint programs such as MD/Ph.D., DVM/Ph.D., or JD/Ph.D. – providing it has a major and proven research component);
    • Intend to undertake full-time doctoral study and research at the nominating institution during the summer semester or the academic year that follows the release of the findings (or in a collaborative graduate research program like MD/Ph.D., DVM/Ph.D., or JD/Ph.D.).

    Selection Criteria

    The Vanier scholars consider three major things before selecting a candidate. Any student who does not have these qualities may not gain admission. Check below to see the selection criteria:

    •  Academic Excellence
    • Research Potential 
    • Leadership (potential and demonstrated ability)

    How Do I Apply For Vanier Scholarships?

    If you have completed the requirements, you can proceed with the application. Take the step-by-step process involved to apply successfully. We advise the candidate to follow the process carefully to avoid issues. 

    Take the procedures below to apply for the Vanier Scholarships:

    • Investigate Canadian institutions via the Universities Canada website before submitting your application. 
    • Consult the Vanier CGS quota page to ensure that your institution of interest has a quota for the year you wish to apply.
    • Consult the Vanier CGS quota page to ensure that your institution of interest has a quota for the year you want to apply.

    Vanier Scholarship General Application Process

    • Applicants must use ResearchNet to draft, complete, and submit their applications.
    • Before they review the application, they will eliminate any information that is not necessary or goes over the allowed number of characters or pages.
    • To verify that their application is complete, applicants must preview every part. Click here for more information.

    Application Deadline For Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship

    The competition for the years 2022–2023 has two deadlines:

    Institutional deadline: A second due date and time will display at the top of each page after the student has identified the institution suggested for Ph.D. studies in ResearchNet. Your application must be submitted to the institution through ResearchNet by this date. Each institution determines and controls this deadline. 

    By November 1, 2022, institutions must submit their finalized nominations to the Vanier CGS program (20:00 Eastern Time).

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