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Unifi loans

You can apply for instant loans and make your life easier. Apply for Unifi loans to meet your needs. Plus, you get funds directly into your account within 24 hrs. You do not have to visit any branch to apply for these loans. In the comfort of your homes, you can access the Unifi site and get your desired amount. Above all, you can get loans with low interest.

Get the best of the Unifi loan site, and learn how you can apply for personal loans without stress.

Unifi Loans Review

Unifi loan is a platform where users get loans and add meaning to their life. Despite life challenges, the platform offers full support to help people bounce back. Plus, you can pay back at your own pace. The platform provides Sub-Saharan Africans with formal employment with quick, direct personal loans.

They provide credit that appears and functions differently from any product in the marketplaces by utilizing world-class data analytics and technology. Also, they work quickly to offer ground-breaking concepts and exceptional products to previously underserved customers. However, they step lightly, and the traces they leave in their lives allows them to go much further.

Unifi Loan Interest Rate

It Includes VAT in all fees. Minimum APR of 104%. Maximum APR of 214%. Customers benefit from flexible loan repayments, and they can choose a minimum repayment period of whatever length of time, about six months.

For instance:

Loan Amt —- R8000

Repayment term —- 6 months

Monthly Repayment —– R1 875.14

Total Repayment ——— R11 250.84


Initiation fee ——— R1 380

Monthly Fee ——— R69.00

Interest ————— 3%

APR —————– 104%

Unifi Loan Login

Register an account with Unifi to access easy and faster loans. If you already have an account, put your details in to begin your application process. To log in, take these easy steps:

Requirements For The Unifi Loans Application

Before you begin your application process, you provide the Unifi requirements. These requirements make you eligible for the loan. Below are what you need to apply:

  • A mobile phone for confirmation and to keep your application secure.
  • An active bank account
  • You will need to be a worker to earn per month.
  • Your proof of income. Obtain your bank statement from your online banking account automatically, or upload a document

How To Apply for the Unifi Loan Online Application

Online loan applications are available 24/7 from R2000 to R8000. The repayment period with Unifi is variable and ranges from 1 to 6 months. 

To apply, follow the procedures below:

  1. Sign up with your ID number and choose a password.
  2. Finish the easy online application form.
  3. Connect your latest three pay slips or bank statements.
  4. Get your answer directly.
  5. Get cash sent directly to your bank account the same day.

How long Does It Take to Process Loans?

It depends on the number of requests available. Thus, they respond to all requests within a month. But if the request is complicated, it might take more than a month.

Unifi Contact Number

For feedback and support, you can contact Unifi at  +603 2241 1290.

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