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UBA Quick Loans

Get enough money today and achieve your dreams tomorrow. Are you out of cash? Do not worry. Apply for the UBA quick loans and get back on track to control your finances. You can get loans from the bank with a 60-month convenient repayment period. Plus, there are no hidden charges or surprises. Complete the application form and get your desired loan amount ASAP.

Browse through to see how you can get personal loans to meet your demands.

UBA Quick Loan Review

The UBA Personal Loan product is keen to assist all wage workers in realizing their lifelong goals. With the help of this product, you can pay for training to advance yourself, make house modifications, grow your side business, and much more.

Why Choose UBA Loans – Benefits

Getting personal loans from UBA is convenient and streamlined. Plus, it comes with lots of features to serve customers better.

 Check below to see the features of the UBA loan:

  • 60-month repayment duration is flexible.
  • attractive interest rate (during the duration of the loan, the interest rate will be on floating terms subject to fluctuations in the money market conditions)
  • one-time, 1% management fee
  • N30 million is the maximum loan amount.
  • N100,000 is the minimum loan amount.
  • Access to 50% of your debt service ratio is possible (DSR)

UBA Loan Requirements

You will need some documents to get loans. The bank would require a few details to release loans to customers who want to apply. 

Check what you need to apply for UBA quick loans:

  • Active savings or current salary account 
  • Properly completed application form
  • Valid forms of identification (international passport, national driver’s license, national id card, and voters card)
  • Employers promise to house salaries with UBA.
  • Properly accepted offer letter or an employment inquiry form.
  • A copy of the debtor’s staff identification.

How Do I Qualify For UBA Quick Loan?

To qualify for the loan, you must meet the following conditions:

  • A salary account holder (Current and Savings)
  • You must be a confirmed employee of your company
  • Must be listed among the approved organizations for personal loans.

How Much Can I Borrow From UBA?

The amount you can get from a UBA loan depends on your income and other terms and conditions. Nevertheless, you can get up to N 30,000,000.00 (Thirty million Naira) and a minimum of N 100,000 (Hundred thousand Naira).

How Long Does It Take To Process UBA Loans?

Upon submission of the necessary papers, the UBA Personal Loan Facility request takes roughly 48 hours to process and disburse the loan.

How Can I Get UBA Quick Loans?

You only need a few procedures to get loans from the UBA facility. Meanwhile, once your documents are complete, it will fast-track your loan application. 

Follow the easy steps below to apply for UBA personal loans:

  • Visit any UBA branch
  • Complete the application form and submit it with the required documents
  • Execute an offer letter outlining the conditions and terms of the loan after they approve it.
  • They will pay the loan into a salary account maintained by the bank.

UBA Quick Loan Code

The quick loan code for UBA Bank Nigeria is *919*28#. All Nigerians with UBA accounts have access to it, and all cell networks allow you to do so.

UBA Loan Repayment

When your loan term is due, you can visit the nearest branch to repay your loan.

Visit the official website here.

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