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Tadi Loans Online – Affordable Staff Loans | Contact

    Tadi Loans Online

    Running out of cash can be devastating and frustrating. You may find it hard to meet up with life challenges.  Here is the good news! You can get quick staff loans online and tackle your bills. Tadi loans online offer the financial solution you need to achieve your dreams and break out of debt.

    Check the Tadi loan review and how you can contact them for financial assistance.

    Tadi Loans Review

    Tadi means Triple Advanced Investments. It is a loan provider that seeks to give employees access to financing, much more affordable and responsible, with instructions on how to use loan products to ensure they reduce employees’ overindebtedness. They offer a staff loan solution that you can use in your workplace.

    Is Tadi Loans Legit?

    It is a legitimate platform. The National Credit Regulator has registered Triple Advanced Investments 51 (Pty) LTD as a credit provider (NCRCP5819). It is prohibited to lend any money if you are not known or registered as a credit provider due to changes legislated to the National Credit Act in May 2015.

    Benefits of Tadiloans

    Using Tadi loans are much beneficial to employees. It is easier to get loans from the site and control your finances. Plus, they do their collection via payroll. 

    See other benefits of Tadi loans below:

    1. Give the sellers’ bad debt portfolio management plan another route to take.
    2. increased financial equity as a result of the quick collection of bad debts
    3. a quick infusion of liquidity from the sale of written portfolios as opposed to making long-term efforts to recover the written-off debt
    4. decreased collection costs
    5. allows the seller to concentrate on its main goals while continuing to make money from your written-off debt
    6. offers businesses complete, risk-free Employee Loan Services

    Tadi Loans Requirements

    You will need a few documents to get loans from Tadi. These requirements will prove your eligibility. See what you need to apply:

    • Must be at least 18yrs
    • An employee with a monthly salary or income source
    • A south African resident
    • A valid South African ID

    How To Apply 

    You do not need any documentation or a long process to apply for the loan. Tadi loans use payroll to handle their collections. Provide the loan requirement to qualify. Once approved, you will get funds straight to your account. 

    You can contact the customer care line for further explanation and clarification.

    Tadi Loans Online Contact Details

    Contact Tadi loans via the following channel:

    • 61A Jerome Street,
    • Lynnwood Glen,
    • Pretoria, 0081.
    • Telephone: 012 111 1230
    • FAX: 012 361 3198
    • E-mail:

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