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Kiakia Loan Review

Access small business loans and personal loans with low-interest rate. You can borrow or lend money via the Sterling Bank KiaKia Loan site. Plus, you can fund business via the platform and get good profits. You do not have to visit any branch to get started. You can access the Kiakia site and begin your transactions with just your mobile phone.

Get loans or fund loans on Kiakia. To get started, check the overview of the site and how to use it.

Sterling Bank Kiakia Loans Review

Kiakaia is one of the most frequently used loan sites in Nigeria. The platform allows customers to either fund loans and gets good returns or instant loans. 

Kiakia is among the best loan sites alongside Renmoney, Branch loan, etc. It has a good number of users across the country. 

Let your money work for you with the incomparable KiaKia Peer-2-Peer Marketplace. Simple and practical. Make excellent returns by making loans. Or invest in companies and receive a cut of their profits. You select the tenure that is best for you. All prices are still unbelievably great.

What is Kiakia’s Interest Rate?

Based on tenure of 6 to 18 months, interest rates might be as low as 12 % and as high as 40 %. There are four ways to receive interest and profit payments: quarterly, biannually, annually, and every 18 months.

Is Kiakia Loan Safe?

You can rely on the Kiakia platform for your safe transactions. On Kiakia, you can get loans instantly without any issue, plus your information is secure with the platform. 

It is a quick, clever, and more practical location where you can securely borrow and lend it in real-time.

Is Kiakia Loan Real/Legit?

It is a legitimate platform. Kiakia is a regulated online provider of both personal and commercial loans. Our skillful online loan agent, Mr. K, helps us enable and process loan applications in real time. Mr. K (Kiakia) is prompt and trustworthy.

Kiakia Loan App Download

You can use a mobile app to get loans swiftly. But as it stands, Kiakia is yet to develop an app. We advise users to leave any site offering Kiakia app download. It is fake. It does not have a borrower app.

Kiakia Loan Login / Sign up

Before you can get a loan on Kiakia, you create an account and log in to begin. It is a very swift process. Follow the below guide to log in on Kiakia:

  • Go to the Kiakia official page
  • Click on Get a loan
  • When it opens, click on create account
  • Register as a borrower or lender
  • Provide your information
  • And Proceed

Sterling Bank KiaKia Loan Requirements

To qualify for the loan applications, you provide the requirements before your application. Take note of the following Kiakia requirements below: 

  • You must be a resident of Nigeria
  • You must be above 21 years old
  • A Bank Verification Number (BVN) and a bank account number
  • A proof of verified source(s) of income 
  • A valid ID card
  • Proof of income (SMS or e-mail screenshots of monthly income alerts or electronic bank statement (in Pdf format) for the six most recent months)

How to Get A Loan From Sterling Bank Kiakia Loans

You can successfully get instant loans on Kiakia without stress. Do well to take the step-by-step procedures to avoid complications. 

Take these procedures to get loans on Kiakia:

  • Login to your account
  • Engage in an application chart with Mr. K
  • Upload work ID or government-issued ID
  • Select the amount you wish to get
  • Choose the tenure or duration
  • Provide a Screenshot of SMS alerts or PDF statements of your last three salaries or Business Income
  • Accept the terms and conditions (IF APPROVED)
  • Show your submitted bank accounts
  • Get credited

How Long Does it Take Kiakia to pay Loans?

Following the successful submission of a Kiakia loan application, they finish the loan review procedure in a short amount of time. At the end of the loan term, they deposit funds instantly into the account number supplied, with a maximum 7-day delay.

What Are the Amounts You Can Get On Kiakia?

Depending on the applicant’s income level, type of job, and loan request, the maximum and minimum amounts you get at any time may vary.

How To Repay the Loan

Choose the ‘REPAY A LOAN’ option from Mr. K’s menu and one of the following choices to repay a loan: 

  • Bank Transfer to Kiakia Bits Limited
    • 0025273484 | Guaranty Trust Bank
    • 1016013383 | Zenith Bank Plc
  • Card Payment

Sterling Bank Kiakia Loan Phone Number

For enquires and assistance, you can reach Kiakia via the below phone number:

08092245588, 09055111140, 08093078377, 09034425508, and 08078443174.

Or via e-mail—

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