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Stanford University Scholarships | Fully Funded

    Stanford University Scholarships

    Study in one of the top universities in the USA to discover your leadership abilities. You have got a chance to create a better world and impact lives. Apply for a fully funded scholarship at Stanford University and join the assembly of leaders. The Stanford University Scholarships program is available to international students who want to study in the US.

    Follow the guide in this article to learn how you can benefit from the ongoing program and how you can apply.

    About The Stanford University Scholarship

    The Stanford University scholarship program is a fully funded program for international students across the globe. These scholarships are available for graduate and postdoctoral work. And it pays for all academic costs, travel expenses, living expenses, and tuition.

    Knight-Hennessy Scholars build and draw students across Stanford University. They train these students to lead with vision, courage, and cooperation as they tackle the problems facing the world. The program scholars take part in lasts up to three years and are designed to support their graduate studies while preparing them for leadership positions in business, government, nonprofits, and the general public. 

    Knight-Hennessy scholars get up to three years of financial support to attend Stanford for graduate school. It covers joint and dual degrees and the JD, MA, MBA, MD, MFA, MS, DMA, and Ph.D. programs.

    Above all, Knight-Hennessy scholars have exposure to a wide range of subjects and cultures in addition to developing deep topic expertise throughout their graduate studies at Stanford.

    Benefits of The Scholarship Program

    Scholars who successfully enlist in the program will get the following benefits:

    • A travel allowance to pay for one round-trip ticket in the economy to and from Stanford each year.
    • A monthly allocation for living and educational costs
    • Use a direct fellowship to pay for tuition (according to the typical departmental level of attendance) and related expenses.
    • The Knight-Hennessy Scholars program usually does not pay for expenses that your home department at Stanford incurs on behalf of its students, such as subscriptions or lab supplies.
    • Knight-Hennessy scholars can seek extra funding to help them with their academic goals ( conference travel).

    Stanford University Scholarship Requirements

    If you wish to apply for Stanford University Scholarships and study in the US, meet the following conditions:

    • You can apply for the program from any country.
    • The required language is English.
    • For enrollment in 2022, a first or bachelor’s degree must have been earned in 2015 or later.
    • You must have mental acuity, be curious and open to new experiences, be creative and full of unique ideas, make sense of confusing circumstances, and be able to hold a diverse or opposing viewpoint.
    • You must complete all your graduate degree program’s prerequisite standardized tests (GMAT, GRE, LSAT, MCAT, etc.). Also, an English proficiency test, if necessary, as part of the application process for Knight-Hennessy Scholars.
    • Proficiency in English. Most of Stanford University’s graduate programs require a TOEFL score of 100iBT or 600PBT.
    • You must submit an application, be accepted, and sign up for a full-time graduate degree program at Stanford University. Each Knight-Hennessy Scholar must be a first-time enrollee in a graduate program at Stanford, such as the DMA, JD, MA, MBA, MD, MFA, MPP, MS, or Ph.D.

    How To Apply For The Stanford University Scholarships Program

    Follow the step-by-step procedures to apply for the Stanford scholarships:

    • Create an account via the official page to begin
    • Fill up and submit the online admissions form (including personal and academic information, etc.). 
    • Then provide the required documents.

    Check below to see the required documents:

    • Provide a self-reported transcript containing your grades from each college you attended for at least a year. Or any graduate programs you attended.
    • Provide a cv that holds your educational background, accomplishments, and personal and professional experiences. One page for every ten years of experience after high school is our standard.
    • At least two letters of recommendation
    • Write an essay of about 1,750 words on:
    1. How have your life experiences influenced you?
    2. How are you going to follow your life’s calling? 
    3. How will your Knight-Hennessy Scholars experience and Stanford education support this?
    • Provide answers on the facts about you. Also, describe three targets you are pursuing at the moment.
    • A short video of at least 2mins
    • Personal evaluation

    Application Deadline

    The application portal will close on October 12.

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