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Soka University Scholarship – Fully Funded program

    Soka University Scholarship

    You can apply for the ongoing scholarship programs and stand a chance to study at Soka University. The Soka university scholarship application portal is open for international students who wish to study abroad. And it is a fully funded program. 

    Browse through to learn about the Soka university scholarships and how you can apply without restrictions.

    About Soka University Scholarship

    Soka university scholarship is a fully funded program that aims to help students from different countries. Soka University’s goal is to develop students into innovative, valuable citizens of the world who will lead in creating stable, sustainable civilizations all over the planet. 

    The institution’s eight faculties include liberal arts, literature, science and engineering, nursing, business administration, law, and education. It officially opened its doors to students in 1970. So, why do you want to enroll at Soka University? It is a multicultural institution with students hailing from about 52 different countries. Additionally, it offers several globally recognized courses to its students, also offering the option for them to partake in study abroad programs.

    Benefits Of Soka University Scholarship For International Students

    Students who get the chance to study at the Soka university will have lots to gain from the program. They do not have to worry about their financial status. 

    The scholarship payments range from JPY 30,000 to JPY 50,000 and are paid monthly throughout the program.

     Soka scholarship Details

    • Location: Japan.
    • University: Soka University Japan.
    • Eligible Region: World wide/International Students
    • Scholarship class: Fully Funded.
    • Deadline for Application: November 1, 2022

    Eligibility Criteria

    • Any undergraduate degree program is acceptable.
    • To qualify, candidates must satisfy each of the requirements listed below:
    • International students can apply
    • Additionally, candidates must gain admission into Soka University’s undergraduate program.

    Soka Scholarship Requirements

    To complete the scholarship application, candidates will provide some documents to make them competent for the program. Check below to see the required documents:

    • Pre-requisite degree.
    • Certified copies of all academic records and degrees.
    • Certificates proving proficiency in the English language are also available.
    • A genuine copy of your passport.
    • Entry requirements: The minimum requirement for an undergraduate program is a high school diploma.
    • Language Requirements: Each course has its own set of language requirements.

    Soka University Scholarship Application | How to Apply

    If you have registered for an undergraduate program at Soka University before the deadline, you can successfully apply and stand a chance to study in Japan. 

    Visit the official website to begin your application.

    Application Deadline

    As it stands, the application is still up and running. The deadline for application for the Soka university scholarship will be on November 1, 2022. We advise interested candidates to submit their applications on time, as they will not accept applications after the deadline.

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