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Rhodes Scholarship Program 2023 | Oxford University

    Rhodes Scholarship 2023

    Get a ticket and travel abroad to pursue your doctorate and Ph.D. degrees in Oxford. Apply for the Rhodes scholarship program now, and take a step closer to your goals. Also, you can study at Oxford University with full support from the government.

    As a student who wants to apply, browse through to get more about the Rhodes scholarship program.

    What is a Rhodes Scholar?

    The Rhodes scholarship is a program that funds outstanding students to further their postgraduate studies. These students get a chance to study at Oxford University and maintain a lifelong and active connection.

    The Rhodes Scholarship is one the oldest yet one of the best scholarship programs. Its first award was back in 1906. It gives global students a chance to study at Oxford University. 

    An annual living stipend of £16,218 is provided by a Rhodes Scholarship, together with one economy travel from the student’s home country to Oxford at the beginning and one economy flight from Oxford to the student’s home country at the end of the scholarship. 

    Benefits of the Rhodes Scholarship Program

    You can enjoy benefits as a global student studying at Oxford University. You can start profiting from the program as soon as you are approved. 

    Check out the benefits below:

    • The Scholarship program covers the schooling fees and allowances every year.
    • The comprehensive Conditions of Tenure document explains acceptable degree combinations. Plus, the number of years of study the Scholarship support, which both relies on the selection of courses.
    • They cover the payment you need to study at Oxford as soon as you get admission. For international students to access the UK’s National Health Service, the Trust will pay the cost of a Tier 4 student visa and the related International Health Surcharge (IHS). The Rhodes Trust will pay for two roundtrip flights in economy from and to the UK for the start and finish of the student’s time at Oxford.
    • Scholars get a settling-in allowance (£225 in 2019–20) when they arrive in Oxford. Those Scholars who switch to the second program of study in Oxford will once more get financial support to pay the cost of the visa renewal and subsequent IHS application.
    • On request, various research funds are also offered to Rhodes Scholars, allowing them to participate in international seminars or carry out further research. 

    Eligibilities/Qualifications to Be a Rhodes Scholar

    Global students that desire to study at Oxford should be hardworking and committed. The program focuses on bringing up people willing to make a difference. 

    Below are the eligibility requirements:

    • Good academic grades
    • You must be truthful, courageous, devoted to duty, compassionate for the weak, kind, unselfish, and fellowship.
    • The ability to use your talents
    • A moral strength of character, leadership qualities, and care for other people.

    Which Country Can Apply for the Rhodes Scholarship

    Check out the list of countries or regions scholars can apply from:

    • Australia, 
    • Bermuda, 
    • Canada, 
    • China,
    •  East Africa,
    •  Germany,
    •  Hong Kong, 
    • India, Israel, 
    • Jamaica & the Commonwealth Caribbean, 
    • Kenya,
    •  Malaysia, 
    • New Zealand, 
    • Pakistan, 
    • Saudi Arabia, 
    • Singapore, 
    • Southern 
    • Africa (including South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Namibia, and eSwatini), 
    • Syria, 
    • Jordan, 
    • Lebanon and Palestine (SJLP), 
    • The United Arab Emirates, 
    • The United States, 
    • West Africa,
    • Zambia and 
    • Zimbabwe 

    All the listed countries are eligible to enroll.

    How To Apply For The Rhodes Scholarship

    To apply for the Rhodes scholarship, go to the site’s official page, enter your country name and proceed.

    Deadline For Application

    The application to become a Rhodes scholar is still going on. Apply for the scholarship now, and get a faster response. Currently, the deadline for the application is yet unknown.

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