NRC Recruitment 2023/2024 Norwegian Refugee Council Application Portal

NRC Recruitment 2023/2024

NRC Recruitment 2023/2024: Norwegian Refugee Council Recruitment 2023 Application Form & Portal: View the available positions below and submit your online application through the company’s website.

 Are you one of those people? If this is the case, the Norwegian Refugee Council recommends that you take the following opportunities. Quality is important to NRC recruitment 2023/2024. We put in a lot of effort on the ground to find solutions to issues in remote areas. We conduct our business with professionalism, respect for all people, and a priority on teamwork and safety. You will quickly pick things up in a professional setting.

The NRC thinks outside the box. We encourage ideas and give tasks to all employees at all levels to help address the complex problems we face. There will be numerous opportunities for you to speak up and take the initiative.

Facts About The Norwegian Refugee Council

About 16,000 humanitarians from various backgrounds, viewpoints, and ages make up our organization. Kind, upbeat, and cooperative individuals will be your coworkers.

We promote a considerate and empathetic workplace that respects differences in race, gender, culture, and religion. Whether we operate in the field or at headquarters, we are committed to improving the lives and rights of displaced people. We cordially invite you to join our expansive network of friends, colleagues, and humanitarians.

Jobs & Locations Available for NRC Recruitment in 2023

  • HR Intern, Ecuador, Quito
  • Finance Intern, Ecuador, Quito
  • Finance Officer, Afghanistan, Badghis
  • Global Emergency Response Team Leader
  • ICLA Assistant, Ecuador, Guayaquil
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Officer, Nigeria, Yola
  • Education Project Manager, Ukraine, Odessa
  • Livelihoods and Food Security Project Manager, Ukraine, Odessa
  • Prequalified Enumerators: Jubaland
  • Asistente Técnico Agua, Saneamiento e Higiene, Tumaco, Colombia (Solo nacionales)
  • HR and Admin Technical Assistant, DR Congo Bunia
  • Education Team Leader, South Sudan, Akobo
  • Education Officer, South Sudan, Duk
  • Education Assistant, Somalia Kismayo
  • Education Coordinator: Somalia Jubbaland
  • Logistics Officer DR Congo Mahagi

Basic Requirements for Norwegian Refugee Council Recruitment 2023

All open job positions have their requirements, which you should be aware of to avoid making any mistakes during the application process. Therefore, for the sake of clarity, we recommend that you visit the official NRC Recruitment 2023/2024 portal to learn more about the qualifications for ongoing recruitment. 

Steps To Successfully Apply for NRC Recruitment 2023/2024

Applying for a job with the Norwegian Refugee Council can be done by following the steps listed below:

  • Go to to access the NRC login portal.
  • Click “See All Vacancies” after scrolling down.
  • Follow the steps on the official website of the Norwegian Refugee Council.
  • Fill out and return your application form.

Steps To Note During The NRC Recruitment Process

The following five steps are typically included in the recruitment process. Although it usually goes much more quickly, the process can last up to four months.

Screening all applications received within the deadline

After the deadline, we will review your application for eligibility and compare it to the job description’s requirements.

The first thing we do is make sure you have the necessary language abilities. Next, we typically consider your professional history, including the types of jobs you have held, the responsibilities you have been given, and the locations at which you have been stationed. Additionally, we attest that you possess any necessary professional certifications or education.

We get a lot of applications for each open position. You should receive an email response within one month of the submission deadline. We apologize if you have not heard back by then. Since we make every effort to get in touch with everyone on the shortlist, unfortunately, the lack of a response means you were not selected.

Unfortunately, we cannot give applicants who want to know why they were not shortlisted thorough feedback.

Please note that applications that do not meet the minimal experience or certification requirements will not be considered. Additionally rejected are unsolicited applications that are unrelated to a specific job posting.

Assessments and tests for shortlisted candidates

With the help of a select group of individuals, we move forward.

The position we are trying to fill has a specific assessment strategy. It could include:

  • Aptitude tests to measure your cognitive skills or logical reasoning (such as verbal, abstract, and numerical).
  • You might be able to better understand your behavior in various situations by taking a personality test.
  • Situations and characteristics that you might bring to a role.
  • Technical tests to evaluate expertise in particular fields (such as education, security, and finance).
  • During the interview, language tests to determine fluency are frequently given.

A candidate decision will never be made solely based on test results; rather, it will be made after carefully reviewing your written application, tests, and interviews.

NRC Shortlisted candidates’ interviews

Two interviews are usually conducted quickly following one another. These take place either in person at one of our offices over the phone or via Skype, depending on the role and where you are located.

They typically consist of the hiring manager, a technical expert, and a representative from Human Resources.

We would like to learn more about you, your background, and the motivations behind your desire to work for NRC.

To find evidence of your abilities, we will assess your technical and behavioral competence. In addition, we will evaluate the candidates’ health, resilience, and attitude toward stress based on their past experiences.

You should have the chance to learn more during the interview about NRC and the position you are applying for.

Background checks of final candidates

The ability of our staff to uphold the highest ethical and professional standards is essential to our ability to protect and assist refugees, displaced people, and other vulnerable individuals. We will take every step possible to find qualified employees.

After the second interview, references will be contacted and contacted again to further investigate the backgrounds of the final candidates. Specific screening checks, such as police checks or criminal records relevant to child protection, will be required for some employment.

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