NPS Pdf Shortlisted Candidates 2023/2024 Is Out – Check Your Name

NPS Pdf Shortlisted Candidates

NPS PDF-shortlisted candidates for the year 2023/2024 are out. You can download the NPS shortlist or check the Prison Service shortlisted candidates by following the instructions in this article.


  • Is the NPS PDF-shortlisted candidate names out?
  • How Do I Know If My Name Is On The NPS Shortlist?
  • How do I log into my NPS recruitment portal?
  • How Is the NPS List of Successful Applicants Compiled?
  • How to Check NPS pdf Shortlisted Candidates 2023

Would you like to see the list of NPS PDF-shortlisted candidates and find out if your name is included? If yes, we have outlined appropriate steps on how to get that done.

I want you to know that the NPS shortlist is only open to applicants who have fulfilled the recruitment requirements before moving forward.

So, irrespective of the position you applied for, what matters is whether you meet the job requirement or not. In the same way that the Nigerian Prison Service had made clear on the application portal that only applicants who were shortlisted would hear from them,

Anyway, let us move on to discuss the recently released Nigerian Prisons Service shortlist and the process for downloading the PDF file.

Are NPS PDF-shortlisted Candidates Name Out?

Yes, the 2023–2024 NPS shortlist candidate names are now available. Applicants can check their names among the Nigerian Prison Service list of successful applicants via the online recruitment portal by following the steps in this article.

For the Nigerian states listed below, the NPS shortlist is now available.

Abia State Cross             River State

Adamawa State                Delta State

Akwa Ibom State             Ebonyi State

Anambra State                  Edo State

Bauchi State                        Ekiti State

Bayelsa State                       Enugu State

Benue State                          Gombe State

Borno State                            Imo State

Jigawa State                           Nasarawa State

Kaduna State                         Niger State

Kano State                              Ogun State

Katsina State                        Ondo State

Kebbi State                            Osun State

Kogi State                               Oyo State

Kwara State                            Plateau State

Lagos State                              Rivers State

Sokoto State                            Yobe State

Taraba State                             Zamfara State

How Do I Know If My Name Is on The NPS Shortlist?

You can know if NPS has shortlisted your name via email, SMS, or by downloading the shortlist file via the recruitment portal

By default, the Nigerian Prison Service usually sends messages to successful candidates via their documented email or SMS. Other ways NPS notifies applicants about the release of NPS shortlisted candidates is via social media or the NPS official website.

You can also check your email to see if you’ve received any enlistment messages from NPS or better still monitor your SMS box closely.

Would you also like to download and check:

How do I log into my NPS recruitment portal?

If you wish to log into the NPS recruitment portal to check your application status, visit and log in using your email, application number, and password.

How Is the NPS List of Successful Applicants Compiled?

NPS compiles the list of successful applicants by selecting candidates who meet the job prerequisites as stated on the recruitment portal.

This is why we always emphasize that the most important highlights of any recruitment exercise are the prerequisites and application methods.

Okay, so here are the steps on how to download and check the Nigerian Prison Service (NPS) successful candidates for the 2023 recruitment exercise.

How to Check NPS pdf Shortlisted Candidates 2023

1: First, visit the application portal

 2: Input your email, application number, and password

 3: Click on application status/shortlisted candidates to download the pdf

4: Open the pdf documents and search for your application number

If you try the above method but cannot access the NPS shortlist, then visit the Nigerian Prison Service official website,, select Career from the menu bar, click Shortlisted Candidates, scroll down the page, locate the list of successful applicants, and click List of Successful Applicants to download the pdf.

At this juncture, we wish all the shortlisted candidates for the Nigerian Prison Service recruitment in 2023 congratulations.

Get more details about the NPS screening date here.

That’s all we have for you today regarding the Nigerian Prison Service Shortlisted Candidates 2023. If you have a question concerning this subject, kindly notify us via the comment section below

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