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Npower Assessment Test Schedule 2023: See Timetable Here

    Npower Assessment Test Schedule

    The 2023 Npower Assessment Test Schedule is now available. On this page, you can find more details about the Npower test program, test portal, batch C test deadline, and other pertinent details that you might find useful.

    Before beginning the online test, all Npower batch C applicants are urged to edit their profiles on the NASIMS portal. To learn how to update your profile before taking the online test, click on the link above.

    Ongoing Npower Assessment Test Schedule 2023

    This page will show you the complete timetable for the ongoing Npower test. You will also learn how to write the online test successfully without any obstacles. Read on to know when you will be writing the test.

    As soon as the names or list of those who have been successfully shortlisted for the program is emitted, the Npower Assessment test will begin.

    Note: Shortlisted candidates for the Npower program will be subjected to tests on topics related to the programs they applied for.

    Timetable for Npower Assessment Test  2023

    It has been decided to hold the Npower assessment test as soon as possible. The assessment test will be conducted nationwide. On the Npower website, you can find the timetable.

    As long as these devices are online, you can take the N-Power Online test using a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.

    The assessment test includes questions that assess general knowledge, verbal and quantitative reasoning, numerical reasoning, and English language proficiency. See the schedule for the test below.

    • After the release of the shortlisted candidates, the test will take place.
    • All batch C applicants are to visit for the online CBT test.
    • Each applicant will take a test covering topics pertinent to the program of their choice.

    Candidates who pass the test after completing the aforementioned steps will be pre-selected for physical verification.

    If you wish to stay updated regarding the Npower assessment test schedule, keep visiting this website regularly.

    Please feel free to ask us any questions you may have about the Npower assessment test 2023. The team at Top Nigerian Jobs will respond right away.

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