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Non-interest TCF Credit Application [SMEs]

    Non-interest credit loan

    Are you looking forward to building or expanding your business? Or to bring your business idea to reality? You can apply for the Non-interest TCF credit application scheme and smile again. 

    The CBN released funds to support youth in the country. You can partake in this opportunity and change your life for good. The big question is, how? Do not worry. This article will guide you through. 

    What is Non-Interest TCF SMEs Loan?

    The TCF non-interest loan is an initiative of the Central Bank of Nigeria(CBN) to support Small Enterprise Businesses (SMEs). It is a program designed to help small business owners build or expand their businesses. 

    The loan will help citizens fill up their loss to the Covid-19 pandemic. The pandemic negatively affected many people, and some are yet to recover. For this cause, the CBN created this program for people to maintain a steady lifestyle regardless.

    How Does the Non-interest SMEs Loan Application work?

    The TCF non-interest loan work simply and smoothly. Check the step-by-step process of the program:

    • Directly apply for NIRSAL Microfinance Bank (NMFB).
    • Provide proof of the COVID-19 pandemic’s potential benefits or adverse effects.
    • The CBN receives the application for approval following an application evaluation.
    • After double-checking the application, the CBN grants final approval and sends it to NMFB for payment.

    How to Apply For Non-interest TCF SMEs Loan Application

    It takes a few steps to apply for the TCF loan. Follow the guidelines below to begin:

    Also, you can apply as a new person or a registered applicant. If you have registered, you can click on returning applicant and continue.

    How To Check Non-interest TCF Credit/Loan Application Status

    If you desire to check your SMEs loan application status, take the below measures:

    • Go to the NIRSA Official page
    • Click on login
    • Select returning applicant 
    • Fill out the form provided with your details
    • Click on submit

    NIRSA Requirement 

    To avoid issues in your application, you should be able to provide an active BVN and a Business plan. They are enough to scare you through. 

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