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Nigerian Air force DSSC Screening Date 2023/2024

    Nigerian Air Force DSSC

    Date of the Nigerian Air Force DSSC Screening: 2023–2024. We offer precise details on the Nigerian Air Force DSSC examination date, prerequisites, testing locations, and other relevant information you might be interested in.

    You’ve come to this page to find out if the dates and locations for the DSSC screening tests for the Nigerian Air Force have been released, correct? If so, then you are on the right page.

    We are happy to let you know that the Nigerian Air Force’s DSSC Screening Date and Examination Centers are now available. As soon as they publish it, we’ll update this page. You can get guidance and direction on what to do to become eligible for full-time employment from the information on this website.

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    Important Point to Note:

    • You must be a graduate
    • Good knowledge of computer applications will be an added benefit
    • You must be free from any penal case and not have been convicted by any court of law
    • Prosperous prospects will take part in the interview and Screening test. So prepare well in advance
    • Go to your screening and exam center on time and follow the instructions.

    The Screening Date and Examination Center 

    If you are one of the shortlisted candidates, the Nigerian Air Force will email you the screening date and testing location information. Visit this website frequently to stay up to date on the most recent Nigerian Air Force news, or visit the official web portal at

    Things You Should Know About the Nigerian Air force

    What is the Nigerian Air Force’s BMTC?

    BMTC stands for Basic Military Training Course. For recruits to become Airmen and Airwomen, training typically lasts no longer than six months.

    It is primarily for individuals who have a secondary school diploma, a national diploma certificate, a NABTEB, an RN/RM/NCE, a City & Guilds certificate, or a trade test certificate.

    The BMTC is made up of Non-Tradesmen/Women with an age restriction of 18 to 22 and Tradesmen/Women with an age restriction of 18 to 25.

    2. In the Nigerian Air Force, what is DSSC?

    DSSC stands for Direct Short Service Commission. Both serving military members and civilians may apply for this particular type of commission in the NAF. Degree holders who are professionals in particular fields can be hired through the course.

    Successful candidates for the Direct Short Service Commission typically undergo six months of rigorous military training before being commissioned as Flying Officers.

    3. What are the Nigerian Air Force’s pay levels?

    • Trainee: N10,250
    • Aircraftman woman: N53,890
    • Lance Corporal: N55,840
    • Corporal: N58,650
    • Sergeant: N69,280
    • Flight Sergeant: N87,120
    • Warrant Officer: N101,980
    • Master Warrant Officer: N165,700
    • Air Warrant Officer: N171,800
    • Pilot Officer: N187,160
    • Flying Officer: N218,400
    • Flight Lieutenant: N232,490
    • Squadron Leader: N248,000
    • Wing Comdr: N342,590
    • Group Captain: N352,640
    • Air Commodore: N677,900
    • Air Vice-Marshal: N1,376,340
    • Air Marshal: N1,486,450
    • Air Chief Marshal: N1,724,280

    The Nigerian Air Force DSSC Screening Date and Examination Centers 2023/2024 will be published, and this webpage will automatically update when they are. We advise that you bookmark or save this page and reload it regularly, as we expect the Nigerian Air Force DSSC Screening Date and examination center to be released soon, and we will correct it as soon as that happens

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    The DSSC screening date and examination locations for the Nigerian Air Force had not yet been made public at the time this article was written. Now available online at are the Nigerian Air Force’s DSSC screening dates and testing locations.

    Maintain regular visits to this website to stay informed. Use the comment section below to ask any questions you may have about the Nigerian Air Force DSSC screening date and test locations, and we will do our best to respond.