NDLEA Aptitude Test Result 2023/2024 Download Full Exam Result

NDLEA Aptitude Test Result

NDLEA Aptitude Test Results 2023 Download the Complete Exam Result Here: Through the www.ndlea.gov.ng portal login, the NDLEA 2023 online examination results are finally available.

Remember that the outcomes of the May 2023 NDLEA online CBT Examination are still pending. If you are one of the NDLEA shortlisted candidates who were invited to take the aptitude test and have completed your Online CBT Examination of the Agency (NDLEA), please take note of this important information.

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According to data that has reached us, successful candidates who passed the Nigerian Drug Law Enforcement Agency’s (NDLEA) recently completed online CBT examination will receive an invitation via email or text message to partake in the final phase of the screening.

Which may include a physical confirmation and medical fitness test. Only those prospects who have been chosen will be eligible for the final selection process, which will be based on merit.

Is the NDLEA Aptitude Test Score Released at Last?

This post acts as a response and set of instructions for all of our viewers who have been demanding information on how to verify their NDLEA Aptitude Test results to determine for sure whether they will be shortlisted or trained for the next stage of the NDLEA Recruitment procedure.

See full details on how to Download the Full Exam Results below. To learn more about the results of the NDLEA online aptitude test, all candidates who took part in the examination that just ended must make sure to visit this page.

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Procedures for a Successful NDLEA Recruitment 2023

The four stages of National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) recruitment are as follows:

All eligible and inquisitive candidates must successfully register online during this first step or stage and print their registration form online. Choose Here if you have not yet completed this stage.


Phase 2: Application Status, Document Review, and Screening: As soon as enrollment closes, this second stage or phase begins. The NDLEA Officials in charge of recruitment take time at this point to review every online application. Those considered deserving would then be shortlisted. Check your name by clicking here.

There are three stages to the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) hiring procedure. The third phase is known as the aptitude test screening examination (CBT), and it is administered to all the candidates who were shortlisted.

Those who passed the exam or aptitude test are shortlisted for a medical examination or screening at phase 4 (medical screening).

Those who are considered eligible following this medical test are placed on the final list of shortlisted candidates for the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA). If you make it to this point, congratulations.

The individuals who excelled in the NDLEA Recruitment Aptitude Test have been found to be qualified for the fourth stage.

After responding to your NDLEA questions, ‘Congratulations’ appears on the screen; however, you must check your results to see where you stand.

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Steps To Check NDLEA Aptitude Test Result 2023

Visit https://www.ndlea.gov.ng/careers/ to view the results.

NDLEA CBT Aptitude Test/Examination Those who passed will be contacted for a medical screening across the 36 states of the federal government after the results are made publicly available online.

Candidates are advised to maintain their composure as the selection of successful candidates for the CBT aptitude exam is currently taking place.


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