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NCCE Recruitment 2023/2024 Check Salary, Requirements, Application Process and Portal

    NCCE Recruitment 2023/2024

    NCCE Recruitment 2023/2024 Check Salary, Requirements, Application Process, Form & Portal

    These are the prerequisites for the National Commission for Civic Education’s (NCCE) recruitment process. The 2023 NCCE recruitment form is not yet accessible online for candidates by the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) Management.

    We request that any advertisements or posts found elsewhere be ignored by our loyal readers. When the NCCE recruitment form is officially released online, we will automatically update this page.

    Information about the NCCE recruitment for 2023 is provided in this post, including the NCCE application form, NCCE entry requirements and guidelines, NCCE jobs, NCCE recruitment date, NCCE portal, and NCCE vacancies.

    Vital Information About National Commission for Civic Education

    In Ghana (GoG), there is a government-run organization called the National Commission for Civic Education. The NCCE is the commission in charge of educating Ghanaians on civic issues. The commission was established in 1993 by Ghanaian Parliament Act 452.

    The Requirements For NCCE Recruitment

    The recruitment general entry requirements must be followed by candidates who want to work for the National Commission for Civic Education.

    The Commission states that any interested and qualified members of the public are welcome to apply for any open positions at NCCE. On the official NCCE Recruitment Portal at, you can find information about the NCCE Entry requirements.

    Commencement Date For 2023/2024 NCCE Recruitment

    Unfortunately, the Commission has not yet revealed a start date for the 2023 recruitment. Nevertheless, it has promised to inform the VACANCY NEWS Team of the start date as soon as possible.

    Therefore, we kindly ask you to disregard any purported recruitment dates given by other portals at least until further notice. You can be sure that the recruitment date for 2023 will be revealed very soon.

    Application Form and Portal For NCCE Recruitment

    We are awaiting an official announcement regarding the release of the 2023 recruitment form as the NCCE management has not yet made it available online. For more information, visit

    We apologize, but the amount of information the VACANCY NEWS Team can provide regarding requirements, portal access, and application forms is currently limited.

    The reason for this is that the hiring process has not yet started. We will give you access to the agency’s complete recruitment application details as soon as it launches its official application portal.

    NCCE Application Deadline

    There is currently no recruitment deadline for NCCE recruitment; the Commission will announce it once the application process for the position begins.

    In Conclusion

    The Commission does not ask for or accept gifts or other forms of reward to hire any qualified or enthusiastic applicant.

    Make no financial offers to anyone before, during, or after the hiring process. Any applicant found engaging in any of these actions will be disqualified or prosecuted.

    If you have any inquiries about the NCCE recruitment process or corrections to this post, please leave a comment below and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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