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NAIC Screening Date 2023 Venue and Requirements

    NAIC Screening Date 2023

    The 2023 NAIC screening date has finally been announced. The screening date, locations, and prerequisites for the 2023 NAIC recruitment screening process have finally been disclosed by the management of the Nigerian Agricultural Insurance Corporation.

    The management anticipates that everyone who was shortlisted will show up at the screening centers by the designated dates and times; otherwise, they risk being disqualified.

    Important details about the Nigerian Agricultural Insurance Corporation physical examination have been provided in this article. We will provide you with all the information you require regarding the upcoming physical examination procedure. These include the NAIC physical screening time and date, as well as the screening location and requirements.

    Therefore, if you are eager to learn the date of the 2023 NAIC recruitment screening, scroll down because this page contains all the crucial details you require.

    2023 NAIC Screening Date

    The scheduled NAIC physical screening, which is a requirement of the hiring process for all pre-qualified candidates, will take place this year, according to representatives of the Nigerian Agricultural Insurance Corporation. They also stated that the NAIC screening will last two (2) weeks.

    All applicants whose names appeared on the NAIC list of shortlisted candidates are urged to appear at their various screening facilities on the dates and at the times listed next to their names.

    We occasionally update our readers on any new information about the physical screening date and the NAIC application process. We strive to ensure that no stone is left unturned.

    For the NAIC 2023 recruitment screening process, a date has not yet been set. Once the date is set and announced, this page will be updated.

    If you do not want to miss any updates regarding the NAIC screening date and location, we strongly advise you to continue visiting this website regularly.

    NAIC Screening Venues for all Shortlisted Candidates

    All pre-selected candidates will be screened at designated locations across the country by the NAIC. The physical screening exercise will be held in selected states of the federation.

    To avoid delays, all candidates who have been shortlisted must arrive at their respective screening locations early. If you are late, the job offer is yours if you accept it. A day before the screening date, if at all possible, arrive at the screening facility.

    NAIC Screening Requirements 2023

    Candidates are advised to appear at the screening center with the following documents;

    • Original and photocopy of their credentials
    • Photographs from two recent passports
    • Duly completed Guarantor’s Form
    • Birth Certificate/Declaration of Age
    • Certificate of Origin

    NOTE: The Nigerian Agricultural Insurance Corporation will contact you via your registered phone number or email address to let you know the screening date, location, and time. Check your SMS or email address frequently for these crucial updates.

    We update this page daily with the most recent information on the Nigerian Agricultural Insurance Corporation hiring processes. This page should be saved and refreshed as frequently as possible so that you do not miss any updates regarding the Nigerian Agricultural Insurance Corporation screening date and screening location.

    Simply leave a question in the comment section below this page, and we will get back to you regarding the NAIC screening date and centers in 2023 for all shortlisted candidates.

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