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Monash University Scholarship for Students | Guide

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Monash Scholarship program

Take a chance and further your studies abroad . You can pursue your degree in Australia with a scholarship as a postgraduate. Apply for the Monash University  scholarship in Australia, and get the best education experience.

Are you wondering how to begin? Do not bother. Browse through to get detailed information and how to apply as an international or domestic student. Above all, learn about the Monash University scholarship 2022.

About the Monash University Scholarship

Monash University Scholarship is a completely funded scholarship for transnational students. This scholarship has about $50,000 worth of value. And studying at Monash university as a scholarship will fetch you $10,000 every year for the length of your degree. 

Monarch University made it possible for talented and minds brightened individuals to gain from this program. They offer them a better chance to achieve their dreams and potential, above all, creating an impact on the world.

Monash University is a recognized research institution in Melbourne, Australia. They named it after General Sir John Monash, founded in 1958. 

In the state of Victoria, it is the second oldest university. The institution has several campuses, including one in Malaysia and four in Victoria (Clayton, Caulfield, Peninsula, and Parkville). Also, Monash has research and teaching facilities in Prato, Italy, Mumbai, India, and Suzhou, China. South Africa is one of the countries that offer Monash University courses.

Benefits of The Monash University Scholarship

Monash University offers international students with benefits to increase their lifestyle and studies. Check out the following benefits:

  • Recipients get an allowance of $10,000 until they earn the required points for their degree.
  • New undergraduate students get an invitation to apply for a place in Monash minds. It is a leadership program for first-year students.

Eligibility Requirement For Monash University Scholarship?

A translational student that wants to apply for the scholarship should be able to meet up with the following requirement:

  • Plan to register fully for an undergraduate or postgraduate degree at Monash University.
  • You must have an invitation from Monash as a fresher.
  • You must have finished at least two semesters of study in Australia to be eligible for current students.
  • Current students must have finished at least three semesters to be eligible to register in the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (Honors) or the Medical Science and Doctor of Medicine (MD) programs.

You are not qualified to apply for this scholarship if you:

  •  are in the 12th grade in Australia. You can only qualify for Sir John Monash Scholarship for Excellence.
  • are starting either the Medical Science and Doctor of Medicine program or the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (Honors) program? (MD). You must complete three semesters before applying and also be a current student.

Selection standards

You get to a certain standard and qualifications before you gain admission to study in Monash as an international student. Check out the criteria below: 

  • Academic Qualification
  • The student should have at least the average mark of 85
  • Examine students on their capacity to serve as Monash University ambassadors. Plus, their 500-word scholarship application essay.
  •  Fresh students will receive preference.

How to Maintain The Scholarship

To retain your scholarship in Monash, take note of the following:

  • You are to score an average of 70% at least per semester.
  • Partake in three or more scholarship promotional activities or market activities. It includes; attending scholarship-related events or networking and marketing initiatives.

How To Apply For Monash Scholarship

You can apply for a scholarship in Monash with simple procedures. Follow this step-by-step process to apply for the scholarship:

  • Go to the Monash official website,
  • Click on Apply Now
  • Apply for the scholarship
  • Before you apply, Monash will offer you a course without conditions. 
  • Do not attach a supporting document when submitting.

Note that there may be a separate application procedure for each scholarship or none. Before submitting your application, carefully read the instructions. 

Selection Rounds, Closing Date, and Start.

First Round: 15 October

Semester one or two of the next year

Second Round: 15 November

Semester one or two of the next year

Third Round: 15 January

Semester one or two of the present year

Fourth Round: 15 March

Semester two of the present year

Fifth Round: 15 April

Semester two of the present year

Sixth Round: 30 June

Semester two of the present year

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