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Mintyn Digital Bank

Save the stress of standing in a queue to open an account. You can do all your transactions online without wasting time. Join Mintyn Digital Bank today and break free from charges. You can open a personal or a business account for free. Also, there are no monthly fees. You enjoy unlimited transfers and full customer support,

You do not have to go to any office for paperwork. With your mobile phone, you can have a good banking experience. 

Dive deep to get the benefits of Mintyn Online bank and how you can register.

Mintyn Bank Review

Mintyn Online Bank Is A Licensed Digital Product Of Finex Microfinance Bank – RC Xxxx Designed To Provide You With A Free, Smarter, And Better Alternative To The Banks Of The Past. It provides business and personal accounts, mutual fund investments, and corporate affairs commission business registration (CAC). Customers can access a variety of groceries and quickly moving goods at great prices through Mintyn Marketplace’s in-app store. Its main office is in Lagos, Nigeria.

Is Mintyn Bank Safe?

The Mintyn Bank is very much safe. It is a licensed digital product. You have nothing to worry about when using the online bank. Your transactions are fully secured.

Is Mintyn Bank Legit?

The CBN backs the Mintyn bank, and NDIC insures the bank. The bank is 100% legit. Additionally, Mintyn benefits from cooperation with Providus bank, which provides the Mastercard needed for its Mintyn Card issued via the app.

Mintyn Bank App

Open a personal account faster with the mobile app. You do everything you wish to do with the app swiftly. Plus, the app is easy to use. You can enroll via the site or the app. 

Learn all you need to know about the Mintyn mobile app here.

Mintyn Login/Sign up

You can enjoy cardless withdrawal on any ATM as soon as you create an account with Mintyn. It is easy to create an account or log in to your account without much requirement. You can join in a few mins.

Take these steps to sign up:

  • Enter the Mintyn bank official site
  • Click on get started
  • Put your mobile number
  • Click Continue 
  • Choose to register with your BVN
  • And, submit

To log in to your Mintyn account, take the steps below:

  • Go to the site
  • Click on Login
  • Put in your registered number and password.
  • Click login

Requirements To Open an Account

Meet the bank requirements for a successful application. You can open your personal account with these requirements. Check below:

  • A valid government ID card. These IDs could be an international passport, Voters Card, National ID, or Drivers’ License. 
  • Your BVN: You can open a Mintyn account with your BVN or another bank account through our account opening process.
  • To finish the account opening process, you must take a selfie. Although, you can change it later. 
  • Accept the terms and conditions. Create your security questions. These questions serve as a secret code to your account in the unlikely event that you misplace your phone, forget your password, and need to log in later. We advise you choose a common question.
  • For security reasons, we will additionally validate your phone number. You will get an OTP to the phone number you provided during registration, so be sure you can receive an SMS.

Mintyn Referral Program

You can enjoy benefits as an affiliate. The affiliate program offered by Mintyn Affiliates is one of the highest paying in the market. They provide you with all the resources to promote them and earn commissions. Earning rewards is now simpler than ever. 

Check how the Program works:

  • Sign up for a free affiliate account
  • Promote by sharing with all your friends
  • You earn when your referrals open an account with Mintyn.

Customer care

You can get 24/7 full support from customer care service. You can:

  • Whatsapp: +234 906 677 1851 
  • E-mail:

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