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Metro Bank Online

Check out one of the most reliable online banks to save or invest money. Plus, you can get loans from this online bank. Register or create an account today with Metro Bank Online and see another fun part of banking. 

Get all the information you need and how you can use the online bank to satisfy your needs.

About Metro Bank Online

Metro bank is an online institution that helps to empower individuals to make the best of life and realize their potential. The online bank allows users to experience meaningful banking without hassle, allowing users to transfer or receive money. Also, customers can pay their bills and buy air time via Metro Bank. Utilizing Metro Bank’s mobile banking makes it easy to manage your funds while on the move. 

As the company serves customers and assists them in achieving their financial goals, they are known for its values of honesty, integrity, and trust. 

Is Metro Bank Online Legit?

Yes, it is crystal and a legit platform to do your business. The Metro Bank PLC does not link with METRO newspaper and its proprietors. It is an independent UK bank that does business all over the world. The registered trademark of Metro Bank PLC is “Metrobank.”

Is Online Metro Bank Safe?

The Metro online bank is much safer and real than you can imagine. Your personal information and financial transactions are always protected since all cards carry an exclusive ATM PIN, a One-Time Password (OTP), and EMV chips as additional security measures. You have nothing to worry about when using the online bank.

What happened to Metro Bank Online?

Metro Bank’s issues began at the beginning of 2019 when it acknowledged that an “accounting error” had led it to exaggerate its capital and understate the risk of a sizable chunk of its home loans.

Metro Bank Online App

For easier and faster transactions, you can download the Metro Bank online app. The mobile app equally allows you to manage your account, transfer, or receive money anytime, anywhere. It is convenient, easy to use, and secure. 

Download the app suitable for your phone and begin meaningful mobile banking. Check the play store or app store to get the Metro Bank app.


 Metro Bank Online Loans

The Metro online bank offers loans to individuals to meet their demands. Yes! You can get quick loans on the platform to build your life, fund your businesses or get a new car. The site has different types of loans available. Plus, you do not need any paperwork or a guarantor to apply. You can start your financial adventure with Metro bank and put smiles on your face.

Metro Bank Online Login

You can start your online transactions and invest with Metro bank today. But, you need to register or log in to access the services you want. To log in, take the below simple guide:

  • Go to the official site
  • Click on Login
  • Put your username and password
  • And Login

If you do not have an account, follow the below guide to sign up:

  • When you click on Login
  • Click on Sign up
  • Provide your information and 
  • Click sign up

Requirements to Open The Online Account

Create your account in just mins. Meet the requirements and make the process swift and easy. Check out the Requirements:

  • A Valid passport
  • A driver’s license or a voters card
  • State of residence
  • An initial deposit of the account you want to open
  • An active e-mail address
  • A valid phone number

Those with disabilities are eligible to open an account with Metro bank.

How to Open The Account 

You can pen and activate your account in one day. They have made the process easy for all customers. To open your online account, take the simple steps below:

  • Visit the official website.
  • Sign up
  • Fill out the form with your valid information.
  • Register for a deposit account or a credit card account
  • Cross-check the information you have provided
  • Confirm your e-mail address after providing the 6-digit one-time password (OTP) sent to your e-mail.
  • Create a Metrobank Passcode. You can use Metrobank Online with this passcode to authorize transactions. Keep this passcode close at hand. No one should have access to it.
  • Provide the 6-digit OTP sent to your registered mobile number to verify your mobile number.​

You can now begin  transactions now!

 Customer Service Number

Go to a Metro Bank branch. 24hrs a day, 7days a week, personal customers – 0345 0808 500.

Customers in business – 0345 08 08 508. 

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