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Likely loans Reviews

Apply for a loan in just three(3) steps and get credits the next working day. Get loans in just mins today and pay back in your comfort. Likely loans are available to help you buy your dream car, furnish your home or go on vacation. Plus, get loans without any hidden charges or guarantor. 

Browse through to see the loan options available on likely loans, and learn how to get a short-term or a long-term loan to meet your needs.

Likely Loan Review

Likely is an online platform that gives out loans to individuals to meet their demands. The site allows users to borrow as low as £500 or up to £5000. Also, it gives them the chance to pay at their speed.

It aims to helping customers with their borrowing needs.

They have a number of loan alternatives at Likely Loans to meet your needs. 

Is Likely Loan Legit?

Yes, Likely Loans is a legit company with a Nottingham registered office. Through Oakbrook Finance, the FCA is in charge of authorizing and overseeing them. Thus, it is a secure platform to do your transaction.

Likely Loans Account/ Login

How do I log in to my Likely loan account? It is simple.

To log in to your account, you need to follow the guidelines below:

  • Visit the Likely Loans site
  • Click on Log-in at the top right corner of the page
  • Put your Login details
  • Click login to proceed

What is Likely Loan Top Up?

A top-up loan is a new loan that combines your desired additional borrowing amount with any current balance.

How does a Likely Loan Top Up Work?

If granted a Top Up loan, we will combine any outstanding debt with the additional funds you request to borrow, creating a single, straightforward monthly payment for the entire amount.

For illustration only, consider the following scenario:

  • – Loan balance at present: £1500
  • – Upgrading amount: £2,000
  • – £3500 new loan amount
  • – £2000 has been paid to you.

Likely Loan Requirements

It does not require much to qualify you for a loan. In most cases, they ask for the following:

  • Your ID card or driver’s license
  • state of residence
  • Personal information

How long Does It Take Likely Loan To Pay Out Loans?

If your application is accepted, money is often deposited into your bank account the same day (Monday through Friday, before 3 pm) or the following day after approval. Once accepted, you may check the status of your account and the flow of your funds in our Oakbrook Hub.

Can I Pay Off My Likely Loan?

You can pay off your loan at any moment. However, Likely loans apply interest in accordance with The Consumer Credit (Early Settlement) Regulations 2004. We do not impose an early payback fee.

How To Get Loans On Likely Loan

Apply for quick loans in mins. Follow the seamless process to apply for a loan.

Take these simple steps to apply:

  • Go to the Likely loan site
  • Login to your account
  • Provide your details
  • Get quick response
  • Get Funds in 24 hours

How Do I contact Likely Loans?

For complaints or help, you can reach the likely loan service number via the following:

  • SMS: 07984372073
  • Existing Customers  0208 080 6457 (Monday – Friday, 8am – 6pm & Saturday 9am – 1pm)
  • Loan Application Queries  0208 080 6450 (Monday – Friday, 8 am – 6 pm)

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