KCB Job Vacancies 2023/2024 for Job Application via irecruitment.kcbgroup.com

KCB Job Vacancies 2023/2024

KCB Job Vacancies 2023/2024: irecruitment.kcbgroup.com portal login 2023/2024 is now active for job applications. Apply for KCB’s current hiring opportunities by visiting irecruitment.kcbgroup.com and following the instructions on this page.


  • irecruitment.kcbgroup.com Portal Login 2023
    • Welcome to Our Job Site Tab
    • Job Search
    • Is this your first time to our job site?
    • Already Registered on our job site?
    • New to our job site?
  • How to Create an Account on irecruitment.kcbgroup.com Portal
  • How to Login irecruitment.kcbgroup.com Portal
  • How to Apply for a Job on KCB iRecruitment Portal

Have you heard that there is a significant hiring drive being conducted by the Kenya Central Bank (KCB) right now? If yes, would you like to apply? Great! Let’s proceed.

Candidates interested in the ongoing KCB job vacancies are to submit their application via irecruitment.kcbgroup.com.

We will explain the purpose of the KCB recruitment portal and provide you with easy navigation instructions in this article.

irecruitment.kcbgroup.com Portal Login 2023

irecruitment.kcbgroup.com The online application portal, known as portal login, is the one that the Kenya Central Bank has designated for potential candidates to apply for open positions.

As an applicant, you must first ensure that you fully comprehend the KCB recruitment portal so that you will not encounter any difficulties when logging in to start the application.

There are typically five (5) default tabs that show up when you type www.irecruitment.kcbgroup.com into your browser. They include the following:

  • Welcome to our job site
  • Job Search
  • Is this your first time at our job site?
  • Already registered on our job site?
  • New to our job site?

Welcome to Our Job Site Tab

Links to recent job postings, new contract positions, and sales positions can be found under this tab. Conduct an advanced search and post a resume.

You can apply for any open positions at Kenya Central Bank right away if you are interested in working there by viewing the new jobs section. If you’re a contractor, then you click on “new contract jobs” to see job opportunities. To find sales jobs, click on “sale jobs.” You can also use the resume and advanced search options here.

You are instructing irecruitment.kcbgroup.com to automatically add any job opportunity that matches your CV to your profile if you post your resume.

Job Search

To apply for a position at KCB, potential candidates can simply type it in on the job search tab. You can also select specifically the city in which you would like to work.

Is this your first time at our job site?

If this is your first visit to irecruitment.kcbgroup.com, you can easily register under this tab by clicking the “register today” button, entering the required information, activating your account, and logging in to view job opportunities on the KCB recruitment portal.


Already Registered on our job site?

If you have already registered, you can apply for jobs by accessing your KCB recruitment dashboard by providing your login information under this tab.

New to our job site?

Links to manage your account, search for jobs, view job baskets, view jobs applied for, and other options are available on this tab. As a result, you are free to click on any link that interests you.

Other trending recruitments:

How to Create an Account on irecruitment.kcbgroup.com Portal

You must first have an account with the Kenya Central Bank (KCB) to apply for any of the open positions through their recruitment portal.

So, to register on the irecruitment.kcbgroup.com portal, take the steps below.

  • Using an internet-enabled device, visit the website
  • “Is this your first visit to our job site?” is the question. click ‘Register today’
  • Provide your valid email address, name, national ID, D.O.B, and phone number
  • Then click on submit
  • After that, click on the activation link sent to your email
  • Then you can now proceed to login to your dashboard to begin the job application

How to Login irecruitment.kcbgroup.com Portal

Here is how to log into the KCB recruitment portal after registering to help with further understanding.

  • Go to irecruitment.kcbgroup.com to access the portal.
  • Listed under the “Previously registered on our Work Site?” menu
  • Provide your email address and password to log in

Once you have completed that, you may be wondering how to apply. Do not worry; we have included a thorough tutorial on how to accomplish it below.

How to Apply for a Job on KCB iRecruitment Portal

Visit the KCB recruitment portal at www.irecruitment.kcbgroup.com If you have not already, log in as instructed, and then choose the position you want to apply for from your dashboard.

Read the application instructions carefully, then fill in the blanks with the necessary information. Finally, upload your credentials, which should include your passport and resume, in the sizes specified.

Yes, that is just it. So, what are you waiting for? Proceed to the KCB job portal now to apply for existing job opportunities.

Remember that the KCB job openings for 2023 are now open.

Please use the comment section below if you have any additional questions about the irecruitment.kcbgroup.com Portal Login.


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