FNB Personal Loans | Loans Up to R300,000

FNB Personal Loans

If you’re worried about paying your bills, furnishing your home, or funding your business, FNB personal loans can help you get back on your feet financially. Apply for loans and get about R 300,000. Meet the easy loan requirements and begin your loan application right away. Also, you can complete your loan application in minutes and receive funds the same day. 

See how you can apply for the FNB personal loan and get your desired loan amount deposited into your account.

FNB Loan Reviews

FNB is a financial institution that offers financial services to individuals. It offers users a loan amount as low as R 1000 to help them meet their financial needs instantly. On the loan site, you can get loans with flexible loan terms and interest rates. Meanwhile, there are no hidden charges or costs when you pay your loans on the platform. 

No matter the circumstances, you can get quick loans on FNB with a personalized interest rate and change your life. They have a credit solution for applicants.

FNB Personal Loans Requirement

If you wish to get loans without issues or setbacks on FNB, you will have to meet the conditions below:

  • The minimum age requirement is 18.
  • Obtain a stable job or work for yourself
  • Having a permanent address in SA
  • Your paycheck must be deposited immediately into your bank account.

Required Documents

To complete your loan application on the website and get your desired loan amount, provide the required documents to make it snappy. 

Check below to see the required loan documents:

  • South African ID card, smart ID card, or current passport (SA resident)
  • Valid employment or retirement permit and passport (non-SA resident)
  • Residence proof (in your name and not older than three months)
  • Financial information and income documentation

You don’t require documentation if you already bank with FNB and have a steady income in your FNB account for at least three months.

But if you bank with FNB, a South African smart ID and proof of income will be enough to qualify.

How Long Does it Take FNB to Approve Loan?

Most times, it takes about 2 hours to approve and get funds on the loan site. But if the number of applications is large, you can receive funds the next business day. FNB does not take much time to approve and settle applicants.

How Much Can You Borrow on FNB?

An applicant with a good credit score can get loans up to R300,000 on FNB. The least amount you can get on the platform is R 1,000, and you can get R 300,000 as the maximum amount.

FNB Interest Rate 

FNB offers loans with a flexible interest rate. Yes! There are no hidden charges or surprises when you apply for a loan on the website. You can see the breakdown of the FNB interest rate below: 

For short-term loan(1-6 months)

Max interest: up to 5% per month (NCA max)

For long-term loan(1-60 months)

Min interest 16.25%* and Max 28.0% per annum (NCA Max)

FNB Personal Loan Calculator

You can check your credit score to know if you qualify for your desired loan amount with your FNB loan calculator. Also, it will help you calculate the loan amount, loan term, and interest rate. You can use the loan calculator at the top and middle of the FNB homepage.

How To Apply for FNB Personal Loans

The FNB loan application procedure is simple and stress-free. You can complete the application in just a few minutes and get approved in hours. Provide the required documents to begin the process.

Follow the easy guide below to get loans on FNB:

  • Visit the website here
  • Provide your RSA ID & Cell number
  • Click on continue
  • Complete the application form 
  • Accept the terms and conditions
  • Apply

FNB Personal Loans Repayment

If you wish to repay your loan, you can visit the nearest FNB branch to repay. With no fees, you can pay off your loan at any moment. Please make sure to have a current and legitimate settlement quote before you settle.

FNB Loan Contact Number

For assistance or support, you can always get to the FNB customer care line during business days. You can call them directly at 087 730 11 44 to follow up on this inquiry.

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