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Finbond Loans Online

If you want a fast, easy, flexible short term unsecured loan, then check Finbond Loans online. Finbond offers users short-term unsecured loans online to achieve their dreams. Plus, you can get your desired amount up to R20,000 and pay it back at your convenience. Get loans with no collateral or hidden charges with Finbond.

Access the Finbond loan site, and see how you can begin your loan application ASAP!

Finbond Loans Review

Finbond is one of the leading mutual and saving banks that offer short-term unsecured loans to South Africans. It provides loans with a maximum amount of R20,000 and a 24-month repayment period. Also, the loan application is quick and safe without any security. 

It is keen on improving the quality of life of the people, giving them loans to achieve their goals. Meanwhile, provide a few documents and get loans on Finbond quickly. 

Benefits Of Finbond Loans

Finbond has outstanding qualities that help users get loans without stress. The loan platform is one of the best with these few benefits:

1. Safe and Quick: 

You can rely on Finbond loans online for quick and secure loans. The loan application process is fast, and you get approval as soon as you complete the loan application. And your details are safe with the loan site.

2. Fixed Monthly Installments:

Users get to pay back loans without stress. Finbond allows them to pay in fixed monthly installments. Meanwhile, you can get loans on Finbond and pay them at your pace.

3. No Security Needed

On Finbond credits, you do not need any collateral to get loans. Yes! Provide the loan requirements and begin your loan application instantly.

Finbond Requirements | How Do I Qualify for Finbond Loans?

Meet the Finbond loan requirements, and you can qualify for the loan. You need simple details to complete your loan application on Finbond. 

Check below to see the Finbond Loan requirements:

  • A certified ID card
  • Three(3) months payslip
  • Latest bank statements at least three months
  • A certified Proof of Address (POA)

How Much Can I Borrow On Finbond

Successful applicants can borrow between R 500 to R 20 000 with up to 24 months to repay. Paying loans on time can help you build a good credit score and the chance to get a higher amount.

How To Apply For Finbond Loans

The Finbond loan application process is straightforward and fluent. Complete the online application and get approved without much delay. Also, users can apply for loans in two ways: Via the website or SMS.

Follow the easy guide below to apply for Finbond loans:

  • Go to the Finbond Official website
  • Click on Credit
  • Scroll down and click on the complete application form
  • Fill out the form with your details
  • Provide some requirements
  • Agree to the terms and conditions
  • Send them a message or E-mail

They will give you a response shortly.

To get loans via SMS, send credit to 30635.

Finbond Contact Details

Check below to see the Finbond contact details:

  • SMS “mybank” to 30635 for credit or account applications
  • PHONE: 086 000 4249 or 012 460 7288
  • FAX: 086 620 9267 or 012 460 7285
  • E-mail:

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