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Fido Loans Online Application | How to Apply | Sign-up

    Fido loans online

    Getting a loan just got easier and better. Now, you can fund your businesses or start a new one with Fido loans online. Apply for the loan online and cash them into your account the same day without collateral or a guarantor. The process is not a long one. You can complete your loan application in mins and get quick responses. Furthermore, there are no hidden fees or wahala. Cover your expenses with a Fido loan.

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    About Fido Loans

    Fido loan is an online lending app in Ghana that offer loans up to GHS 3,000. The loan is available to help business owners and individuals with short-term or daily necessities. Also, it offers loans without collateral or hidden charges. You can apply whenever it is convenient for you with the entire online application process, and you’ll have money in your account within 15 minutes.

    Meet the easy loan requirements and access instant loans with flexible repayment terms. Fido is here to enable people and business owners to seize possibilities in Africa.

    How Does Fido Loan Work?

    Fido loan works more smartly and easily to serve customers without issues. It takes just five easy steps to complete a loan application on Fido. Download the Fido app, sign up, or log in to your account. Put your 4-pin code in, select the security questions and begin the application with a selfie and some details.

    Fido Loan App Ghana

    The Fido loan app is an easy-to-use app that allows Ghanaians to get quick loans with competitive interest rates. Complete the application process and access loans faster on the app. Meanwhile, the app download process is easy. All users have constant access to the Fido App. Download the loan app for your device to access Fido’s loan offers.

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    Fido Loan Sign up

    Register or create an account with Fido to access loans on the app. It takes a few mins to complete your registration. After registering, you can check your loan limits and status or apply for and repay loans.

    Once you’ve downloaded the app, follow the simple instructions to register with Fido:

    • Open the Fido app to begin your registration
    • Provide your phone number ( you will get a one-time SMS to your phone)
    • Set your 4-digit pin code. Make sure the code is one you can recall.
    • Choose security questions to stop others from accessing your account.
    • Submit your selfie with your Ghana card and address

    Fido Loans Log in

    To log in, check out the steps below:

    • Open the Fido app
    • Click on login 
    • Put your number and password 
    • Proceed

    Fido Loan Requirements

    To get loans on the loan app, provide or meet the Fido loan requirements to qualify for a loan. Without the required information, you can not get loans on the app. 

    Check out the loan requirements and what you will need to apply:

    • Must be a resident of Ghana and above 18 years
    • Have a steady income source
    • Ghana Card and address

    How Much Can I Borrow On Fido Loans Online?

    Get up to GHS 200 on your first loan. Pay your loans in due time to access a higher loan amount with lesser rates on Fido. However, the maximum amount you can borrow on Fido with a low-interest rate is GHS 3,000. They lower the interest rate and provide installment choices as the loan amount grows.

    How Long Does It Take To Get a Loan From Fido?

    After completing your application and submitting it, you will receive cash in your account within 15 minutes. Meet the requirements to apply without any issues or setbacks.

    How To Get Fido Loans Online

    Complete the digital application process and access loan offers on Fido to meet your needs. You do not have to stand in line or visit any branch. The process is 100% online without stress. 

    To get loans on Fido, take the steps below:

    • Download the app
    • Log in to your profile and apply
    • Complete the application form
    • Submit the form. 
    • You will receive funds within a few mins.

    Mtn Shortcode For Fido Loan

    Use an MTN shortcode to apply for Fido loans online.

    Dial *170# and follow the instructions.

    How To Repay Fido Loan

    You can pay back your loan on Fido Loan without fuss. Repay on time to qualify for another loan. Also, you have two payment options: using the app or a USD code.

    To repay a loan via the app:

    • Log in to the Fido app
    • Click on make payments
    • Follow the guide

    To repay, you can also dial *711*666#.

    Fido Loan Contact Number

    For further inquiries or support, you can contact the Fido loan agents anytime. See their contact details below:

    Contact: 0242436885

    E-mail –