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Apply For the Federal Mortgage Loan Application 2023/2024

    Federal Mortgage Loan Application

    The loan application form for the 2023–2024 loan period is now available online from the Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria (FMBN). Find out how to apply below.

    The Federal Mortgage Loan Application Form can be used to apply for housing loans, home renovation loans, construction loans, estate development loans, rent-to-own loans, and Diaspora NHF mortgage loans.

    The Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria (FMBN) has an application portal that is now available for those who want to use it.

    A financial institution that specializes in mortgage loans is called the Mortgage Bank. The mortgage bank can provide services for loan origination and loan servicing.

    Mortgage banks lend their own money to borrowers and either collect fixed-interest installment payments from them or sell the loans they have acquired on the secondary market.

    Borrowers of Federal Mortgage Loans may take out loans totaling N15 million.

    Requirements For the Federal Mortgage Loan Application

    • Applicants must be 18 years and above
    • a savings account with a primary mortgage bank that is registered.
    • donation to the fund for at least six months.
    • proof of a consistent income flow.
    • other supporting title documents in photocopies.
    • Survey and site plans.
    • a copy of the building plan that was approved
    • Bill of Quantities (if you have one)
    • report of valuation prepared, as necessary, by registered surveyors and valuers.
    • Tax clearance certificate for three years.
    • letter of consent to the primary mortgage bank you have selected.
    • completed application for a mortgage loan.
    • evidence of contribution to the National Housing Fund.
    • pay stubs from the last three months.

    A copy of the Articles and Memorandum of Association and a copy of the Certificate of Incorporation should be submitted for a self-employed applicant association and a copy of the Certificate of Incorporation should be submitted.

    Steps to Apply for Loans through FMBN Website

    To apply online, please visit, Official Website

    • Institutional borrowers may submit a direct loan application to the Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria (FMBN).
    • Application submission is restricted to a fully licensed Primary Mortgage Bank (PMB) of the applicant’s choice. You cannot, however, apply for the loan directly through FMBN.
    • Loan applications from interested parties must be submitted to the same Primary Mortgage Institution.
    • Your principal mortgage institution must be registered with FMBN in order for you to use the National Housing Fund facility.
    • Checking the Federal Mortgage Loan Transaction Code
    • To complete those transactions, enter the USSD code *219#.

    Assuming that the Federal Mortgage Loan USSD CODE Transaction goes as follows:

    • Dial *219# and send
    • Type 2 and send
    • Enter 1 and send
    • Send it by entering the precise month between 1 and 12.

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