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Fasta Loans Login – Quick Short-Term Loans

    Fasta Loans Login

    Now, you can get quick short-term loans online and repay in 3 months installments. Yes. Apply for Fasta loans and get cash in your account. The loan application is easy and stressless. You do need any documents or visit any office to apply. It is an online process. You can get up to R8000 with a flexible repayment loan term. Create an account faster and access your loan option. Meanwhile, the Fasta Loans Login is easy.

    Browse through to learn more about Fasta Loans and how you can begin your loan application.

    Fasta Loan Review

    Fasta is a vibrant fintech company that provides customers with a new payment option for in-person and online purchases. Innovative technology makes FASTA possible, giving customers quick access to credit. 

    The loan application process is easy and fluent. It is secure and fast and offers customers up to R8000 with a repayable loan term. Provide a few requirements and access the loan options available on the site.

    Fasta is the ideal platform to get quick short-term loans and meet your demands. And it provides quick, affordable, and effective access to credit.

    Is Fasta Loans Legit?

    Fasta Loan is a 100% legit website to get your short-term loans. The national credit regulator has accredited the Fasta loan. You have nothing to worry about when using the site. Your information is safe with the loan site.

    How Does Fasta Loans Work?

    Fasta loan application is 100% self-service, and it is easy. Apply for a fast card and get your desired loan on the card. With your fast card, you can get your fast cash directly to your account and pay at partner merchants to complete your online purchase.

    Fasta Loans Login

    To begin your online loan application on Fasta, users will create an account or log in to access the loan options available. Meanwhile, the login process is straightforward and without hassle. You can also check your application status once you log in to your Fasta account. 

    To log in, follow the easy guide below:

    • Go to the Fasta website
    • Click on Log in
    • Put your ID number and password 
    • And log in

    Fasta Loan Requirements

    On Fasta, you don’t need to upload documents to apply for loans. You need to provide a few information to qualify for your desired loan amount. To apply for loans, check what you need to be eligible:

    • A valid RSA ID number
    • You must be at least 18 years and above
    • Have access to online banking
    • Proof of income source for the last 90 days

    How Long Does It Take Fasta To Pay Loans?

    From application to payout, the quickest application took less than 5 minutes! The application procedure typically takes 5 to 10 minutes. They transfer the money to your bank but depending on the bank you use. It could take up to 48 hours for the cash to become available.

    How Much Can I borrow on Fasta Loan?

    Customers can apply and get up to R8000 on Fasta loans. And you can pay back your loan for 1, 2, or 3 months. Paying loans on time will help build good credit scores and the chance for a higher loan amount.

    What Bank Does Fasta Use?

    Fasta uses Standard Bank. It is a significant bank and financial services company in South Africa. By assets, it is the largest lender in Africa.

    How To Apply For Fasta Loans Online

    The Fasta loan application procedure is hassle-free. It is easy and 100% self-service. You can complete the loan application in mins and get funds directly to your bank account once they approve the loan.

    Take the easy guide t to apply for a Fasta Loan

    • Visit the Fasta Loan website
    • Log in or create a profile
    • Click on apply
    • Provide the required information 
    • Submit

    `You can only apply through internet banking.

    How To Repay Fasta Loan

    Once your loan tenure is due, you can pay in installments or manually. 

    To manually pay your loan on Fasta, You can make direct payments by going to your “My Account” tab on the FASTA website.

    Alternatively, you can reach them through the customer support portal and ask for a payment link.

    To pay by installment, You authorize them to withdraw the Repayment Amount through a debit order from your bank account on the Repayment Date you choose during the application process and upon acceptance of the Pre-Agreement, Statement, and Quotation.

    It indicates that the FASTA loan payback process is entirely automated.

    Fasta Loan Contact Number

    On the FASTA website,, our Customer Services Team is accessible through the self-service Customer Support Portal. During the following times, click on “Contact Support”:

    8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays

    07:00–12:00 on Saturdays

    Closed on Sundays and major holidays.

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