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2 Easiest Ways to Move to Canada Quickly for Job and Study

    2 Easiest Ways to move to Canada

    2 Easiest Ways to Move to Canada Quickly for Job and Study

    Most immigrants from underdeveloped or poor countries choose Canada as their preferred destination. Here are the 2 easiest ways to move to Canada for work or school.

    In a historic plan on immigration levels for the years 2021–2023, Canada predicts that during this time it will welcome more than 400,000 immigrants annually.

    Moving to Canada is not simple, though, unless you abide by the rules. Here are a few credible relocation options to Canada. A foolproof way to get started is to read to the end.

    Canada is eager to accept immigrants willing to fit into the country. Canada welcomes immigrants who have relevant credentials and skills. Also, they welcome students who want to get a degree or complete their education in the country.

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    2 Quickest Ways to Relocate to Canada Quickly for Job and Study

    The two least stressful methods for moving to Canada are listed below.

    Provincial Nominee ProgramIn order to increase a more diverse and equitable distribution of immigrants across the country, the Provincial Nominee Program is a program that focuses on people who have the education, skills, and work experience to contribute to a province’s economy.

    The program focuses on semi-skilled, skilled, and recent graduates. Each province has appointed streams to meet the demands of the respective labor markets, which primarily target precise groups of people. The province has the right to select who it wants to settle in its territory.

    Steps to qualify for the Provincial Nominee Program:

    • Immigrants must apply for nomination to the province they want to live in.
    • Immigrants need to retain the necessary skills, credentials, and work knowledge for the province to nominate them.
    • Following approval by the province, applicants should apply for Canadian permanent residence in the federal government.
    1. Express Entry System

    The Canadian government created the Express Entry system to address labor shortages. The Express Entry system is a set of immigration programs that allow eligible individuals to become permanent residents of Canada.

    In the following areas, the system offers several federal programs for skilled or professional workers:

    • Federal Skilled Trades Program; This Is for candidates who are certified and experienced in particular trades.
    • Federal Skilled Worker Programs are for skilled workers who have credentials with a minimum of one year of work experience.
    • Canada Experience Class: These are available to candidates who have worked in certain professions in Canada for at least one year.

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    Steps to Qualify for Express Entry to Canada:

    • Creating an Express Entry Profile: Interested prospects must apply through the Express Entry System by creating an online profile. Applicants are usually ranked or scored following a ranking system known as the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS).
    • Providing Necessary Documents: You will need several copies listed (below) during your application to immigrate to Canada.

    Note: Documentation and application procedures may not exactly be the same for all country applicants.

    What is a Comprehensive Ranking System?

    It is a scoring system that awards points to profiles designed Canadian immigration system according to various criteria that include:

    • Age
    • Skills
    • Canadian language benchmark: proficiency in English and French
    • Work Experience
    • Level of Education
    • Provincial Nomination
    • Relative residing in Canada
    • Submitting documents in the document checklist: A document checklist is a list of the documents demanded to be with the online application.

    Documents Needed to Move to Canada:

    • Birth certificate
    • Marriage certificate if married
    • Language test results from official English tests like the International English Language Testing System (IELTS).
    • Work experience documents which include reference letters and employment letters.
    • Medical reports
    • Education Credential Assessment report for foreign certificates and copies of certificates.
    • Travel document or valid passport

    Candidates ranked with high profiles following the Comprehensive Ranking System are given Invitations to Apply for permanent residence in Canada.

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