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Danish Government Scholarships|

    Danish Government Scholarships

    Now you can study in an international setting with full support from the Danish government. Apply for a limited scholarship program and study in Denmark. With the Danish Government Scholarships, you get the chance to study at the University of Copenhagen. Moreover, abroad students can enroll in this scholarship program except for EU/EEA. 

    Explore to learn about the Danish Government Scholarship and how you can apply.

    About The Danish Government Scholarships

    The Scholarship program is an initiative of the Danish government to offer abroad scholars the chance to pursue their master’s degrees. Although it is a limited offer. Due to high competition in the program, only outstanding students with good grades can get the award. These students must come from non-European countries.

    The program is awarded as a complete or partial exemption of tuition fees or as a sum sufficient to meet the expense of basic living. Also, the University awards scholarships based on academic accomplishment; thus, they don’t regard monetary needs.

    Benefits of the Scholarship

    You can take advantage of the program once you gain admission into the school. Students get lots of benefits from this program.

    Below is the benefit of the program:

    • The Danish Government Scholarship is awarded as either a complete or partial waiver of student fees or as a sum to meet the expense of basic living.
    • The University awards the scholarships based on academic accomplishment; thus, they do not assume financial need.

    Eligibility For the Danish Government Scholarships

    If you are looking forward to studying at Copenhagen University, you must meet the following conditions:

    • A citizen of a country apart from the EU, EEA, or Switzerland
    • Gain admission to a master’s degree program in Copenhagen
    • Get a temporary residence visa to study at a higher education institution in Denmark.

    You can not qualify for the scholarship award if you:

    • have a legitimate claim to Danish residents’ rights
    • are qualified for a grant under the State Educational Grant and Loan Scheme as defined by Danish legislation (SU)
    • The Danish Aliens Consolidations Act 9c, subsection one is the child of a foreign national who has a residence visa in line with the Danish Aliens Consolidations Act 9m. A citizen of a nation that has not joined the EU or is included in the EEA.

    Eligible Region

    Which region can apply? Any part can apply for the Danish Government Scholarship except Europe. European students are not qualified for this program.

    How To Get or Apply For The Danish Government Scholarship

    You can avoid some issues and apply for the scholarship fluently. It does not have to take a whole day to do so. Follow the process and process your application. 

    • If you are qualified the Danish Government Scholarship will evaluate all non-EU/EEA applicants to the University of Copenhagen’s MA and MSc degree programs. Applying is not essential.
    • The UCPH will send a notification to candidates they nominate via e-mail. The applicant can either accept or reject. Visit the official page

    Note; If you are given a scholarship offer but do not accept it by the time listed in the e-mail, the scholarship offer will be withdrawn and given to another candidate. You must check your e-mail too often.

    Application Deadline For The Program

    Do well to submit your application on time as they might not consider any after the closing date. The deadline for the application is September 1, 2021.

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