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DAAD Scholarship Program-Helmut Schmidt | 2022/2033

    DAAD Scholarship Program

    Take a step closer to your dreams and apply for a scholarship in one of Germany’s top Universities. Join students from different countries to study your favorite course in Germany. DAAD Scholarship Program offers students from various countries a chance to achieve their ambitions.

    Get all the detailed information about the Daad Helmut Schmidt scholarship program and how you can apply.

    About the DAAD Helmut Schmidt Scholarship Program

    The (DAAD) Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst is a scholarship program that targets students from developing countries. The German Federal Foreign Office sponsors the program. Also, it provides students the opportunity to learn a Ph.D. in Degree courses with a focus on the political, social, and economic growth of their home countries. Above all, they can fund up to 100% of schooling.

    Students from other countries apply for the DAAD scholarship program and get approval. Plus, the chance to study in various countries. These students can learn their desired course in both German and English language.

    Benefits of the DAAD Helmut Schmidt Scholarship Scheme

    Along with the scholarship, you’ll receive a monthly allowance to help with living costs. It also includes provisions for health benefits and travel reimbursements.

    Check out the benefits of the DAAD scholarship scheme:

    • A suitable fee for travel
    • Scholarship worth 850 euros per month for some master’s programs at German universities.
    • Contributes to the healthcare system in Germany
    • Study and research allowance
    • A monthly rent payment
    • The study courses are often taught in either German or English and will begin in September or October 2021.
    • An allowance for partners or children where necessary
    • Above all, a six-month German Language course

    Eligibility Requirements for the Helmut Schmidt Scholarship Program

    To be competent for this scholarship program, applicants should provide the conditions before applying. 

    Below are the requirements:

    • The applicant must have at least two years of professional experience.
    • The degree program a student chooses will determine whether German or English is required.
    • The candidate must hold a bachelor’s degree no older than six years.

    Selection Requirements

    International students can gain admission into one of the top universities in Germany only with good forms. Your grades will serve as a backup to complete your selection. 

    The following are the selection bars:

    • Language Proficiency
    • Social and political attention
    • Your gains, if you wish to return to your country
    • compelling German explanation of the study project’s personal and academic reasons
    • An academic degree with good results

    How to Apply For DAAD Helmut Schmidt Scholarship

    You can take a few processes and apply for the DAAD scholarship. It is an easy and swift process. Just take the following guidelines carefully:

    1. Indicate which study course is your top priority and which is your second choice on the DAAD Application form for Research Grants and Study Scholarships (annex 2).
    2. For both the university courses you select, compose a single letter of inspiration defending your top priorities.
    3. Send the DAAD scholarship form with the letter of motivation accompanied by the necessary documents listed below to the two universities of your choice.
    4. You can apply to German universities as the portal is still open/

    Deadline for Application 

    The deadline for the scholarship program is not known. It depends on the applicant and the course you wish to study.

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