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Customer Service Executive Job – Greenlight Planet

    Customer Service Executive

     Put your skills to work and get benefits with your abilities. Are you looking for a Job? You can work at home or abroad and earn as a Customer Service Executive. The application is ongoing. With your mobile device, you can get yourself a good-paying job. Apply for a job at Greenlight Planet and fill the post of Customer Service Executive.

    Check what it takes to get the job below, and learn about the company.

    About Greenlight Planet Company

    Greenlight is a global leader headquartered in the United States. Greenlight Planet is committed to providing safe, affordable solar energy products to the more than 2 billion people who are off the grid worldwide. 

    In South Asia, East Africa, and West Africa, more than 5 million families currently utilize our Sun King solar-powered lights and phone chargers. Our goal is to replace the hazardous and unclean kerosene lanterns used by people who don’t have access to electricity worldwide.

    The Economist Magazine named one of their products “the greatest solar lamp,” and the World Bank’s Lighting Global program awarded them medals for “best-in-category.”

    What is a Customer Service Executive?

    The Customer Service Executive will cooperate closely with the Operations and Sales departments to provide information on products and services while successfully resolving product concerns for both current and new customers.

    Benefits of the Customer Service Executive Job

    Once you start working as a Customer service executive, you will enjoy benefits. The company ensures that employees get the best working experience. Check the benefits below:

    • They provide breakfast or lunch, pivoting on the shift.
    • They cover transportation costs for the later shift.
    • Competitive salary
    • Chances for continued professional growth within a fast-growing enterprise

    Key Responsibilities Of a Customer Service Executive

    Carefully go through the roles of the office you wish to apply:

    • Receive customer queries and ensure they resolve them in a timely manner
    • Help reduce defaults by contacting customers with delayed payments.
    • Make proactive touch with dormant customers to handle any outstanding issues. 
    • Create repeat sales via customer relationships by focusing on their wants and needs. 
    • Review customer satisfaction degree after a sale and increase customer retention. 
    • Utilize the chances at hand to market or sell things to consumers.
    • Ensure that whatever response the customers get is in line with pre-organized communication scripts, prepared for different topics that cover customer-related issues.
    • Route calls to the right channel(s)
    • Move complex issues or complaints to supervisors.
    • Complete any other duties assigned.
    • Must be flexible, easy to adapt, and work with a different talented team.
    • Must be Understanding and strive to meet or exceed call center metrics while providing perfect constant customer service.

    Eligibility Criteria

    To qualify for the Job application, meet the company’s needs. Check the requirement below:

    • You must have a Degree/Diploma in mass communication, Business Administration, Sales and Marketing, or Customer Service Management. 
    • Two years of relevant job experience is a requirement.
    • Maintains excellent interpersonal skills to enable an easy flow with customers at all times
    • Must have good communication skills, especially for listening.
    • Ability to multitask and manage time properly and effectively
    • Must be able to adjust to different situations and individuals
    • Ability to prioritize in the face of numerous tasks or assignments
    • Capacity to work as part of a team if need be
    • Ability to work independently or with minimal supervision
    • Must be proficient in typing and data input
    • Must be self-driven at all times
    • Must have known about customer relationships or customer service practices

    How To Apply For The Job

    To apply for the work, take the guide below:

    Carefully follow the instruction to avoid issues submitting your application.

    Customer Service Executive Salaries

    The salary may vary. In Nigeria, a client service executive makes an average income of #989 091. In Kenya, it is:

    • 25% KES 295k.
    • KES 377k.
    • 75% KES 977k.

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