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COVID-19 Emergency Funds | Green Bay Foundation

    COVID-19 Emergency Funds

    Now, you can get funds to replenish the effect Covid-19 caused. Apply for the COVID-19 Emergency Funds to begin a new life. You can grow your business again and make a better living with the funds. Moreover, the program is determined to strike a balance by attending to people’s needs. 

    Do you want to know how to get these funds and smile again? Then browse through to learn about the fund and how you can apply.

    About The COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund:

    The Greater Green Bay Community and Bay Packers started the COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund to provide nonprofit groups with enough resources to address COVID-19’s effects on our community, including immediate basic needs, service gaps, and operational difficulties. Also, to foster discussion on COVID-19’s effects on our community. They choose to invest in the life quality of the future and present generation. 

    Priorities for funding

    The organization’s independent grant teams will take the following factors into account while considering grant applications:

    • Requests must address an urgent need directly related to COVID-19’s effects on the community.
    • It is direct assistance to prioritize those affected by this public health disaster.
    • The areas of greatest need will receive preference.

    The Timing

    For faster response to evolving needs, they will accept applications and give out grants in waves. The grant crew will evaluate applications and decide on the funding in two weeks. 

    Benefits Of The COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund

    Successful candidates who wish to apply for the grant will stand to gain the following:

    • The number of grant awards will depend on the available money.
    • A central fund from which nonprofits can draw assistance throughout the crisis.
    • The community foundation will not charge all credit card and processing fees for contributions to this fund.

    Eligibilities For the COVID-19 Emergency Funds Program

    The Greater Green Bay Community Foundation’s emergency response fund can provide financial assistance to groups that match the following requirements because of its nonprofit status:

    • A 501(c)(3)-designated nonprofit organization, a group fiscally sponsored by a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, or a public entity, such as a school or city
    • Individuals that are directly assisting Brown, Kewaunee, or Oconto county residents.
    • Businesses that don’t discriminate against customers regardless.

    The organization is unable to provide direct funding to people or companies. You can get it through nonprofit organizations with defined procedures for identifying the need and assistance of individuals. 

    Eligible Region

    Candidates can apply from different countries. The application is open to all individuals around the globe.

    How To Apply For the COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund

    Follow the guide below to apply for the fund. It is an easy process. Check below:

    To streamline the process, nonprofit organizations can submit a single application for the Emergency Response Fund and the Packers Give Back COVID-19 Community Relief Fund. 

    We advise the applicants to submit applications on time to get a faster response from the team.

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