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2022/23 Clark University Scholarships | Fully Funded

    Clark University Scholarships

    Enjoy a fully funded scholarship program in an international setting. Pursue your postgraduate or undergraduate studies at Clark University. Enlist in the lasting 2022/23 Clark University Scholarships and make your dreams come true. Fill out the online form and win a ticket to study abroad.

    Do you wish to start? Explore to get information about the program and how you can apply swiftly.

    About The Clark University Scholarships

    The Clark merit scholarship is a fully funded program that aims to support outstanding secondary school scholars across the globe. The program considers students who will do well academically when they gain admission into the school. Accepted students get the scholarship award based on their academic qualifications, as stated in their admissions application, rather than their need for money. When they get their admissions decision, selected students for the merit-based scholarships will get notifications. About 60% of our students get scholarships.

    Clark University offers a different scholarship program. Check the outlined program:

    • Richard Traina Scholarship: Incoming students who have shown a tireless commitment to leadership, scholarship, and community get the award. Eligible students will get at least an $80,000 four-year award ($20,000 per year) if they satisfy the standards for year-to-year continuation.
    • Jonas Clark Scholarship: New students who have demonstrated the ability to question authority and transform the world receives the award. Eligible students will get a $56,000 four-year award ($14,000 per year) if they meet the standards for the year-to-year continuation.
    • Robert Goddard Scholarship: Incoming students who have shown the capacity for success in and out of the classroom on meaningful activities get the award. Eligible students will get $68,000 four-year award ($17,000 per year).
    • Presidential Scholarships: The Presidential Scholarship, given to about five students each year, is a prestigious prize for students with the best academic records and leadership potential within Clark’s candidate pool.

    Benefits of the Scholarship

    Students who do well and get admission into the university will have a lot to enjoy. Check out the outlined benefits scholars will gain:

    • If admitted to the Global Scholars Program, you will receive a scholarship of $15,000 to $25,000 per year.
    • You may be qualified for up to an extra $5,000 in need-based financial help if your financial need exceeds the amount of the Global Scholars grant.

    Eligible Country:

    The program is open to every country.

    Requirements For Clark University Scholarships

    To apply for the Clark scholarship, students will meet the conditions. Check below to see the eligibility criteria:

    • Candidates must be first-year applicants.
    • Applicants must have good academic results.
    • Candidates must show potential leadership ability.
    • Scholarship eligibility is determined by academic standing (as stated on your application for admission), not by financial need.

    International students still need to prove that they can afford to pay a sizeable portion of their tuition fee, even if they are eligible for subsidies.

    How To Apply For The Clark Merit Scholarships

    Take the step-by-step guide to apply and submit your application. It doesn’t take much time to begin. 

    Check the procedures below:

    • Go to the official site
    • Create an account
    • Fill out the College Scholarship Service (CSS)/Financial Aid PROFILE form.
    • Finish and submit the CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE by your deadline.
    • You will receive detailed information with the short essay topic on how to apply for the scholarship.

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