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Cashlion Loan App Download – Fast Loans in Nigeria

    Cashlion Loan App

    Apply for quick personal loans via a mobile app. Download the Cashlion loan app today and get fans to realize your dreams. The loan application process is much easier and without delays. Meanwhile, you can get a loan without collateral or hidden charges. 

    See how you can download the Cashlion app and begin your loan application.

    What is Cashlion Loan?

    Cashlion loan is a lending app that offers financial services to Nigerians. The app allows users to get quick loans to sort out their pressing needs. Also, you can get loans on the site without collateral or hidden charges. 

    With a few loan requirements, you can successfully apply for loans on the app and cover your financial needs.

    Is Cashlion Loan App Legit?

    Cashlion is a secure and legit platform to get quick personal loans. The app does not share your details with any third party. You have nothing to worry about when using the loan app. In case of issues, you can report to your bank or contact the Casliom customer care service.

    Cashlion Loan App Download

    Get the Cashlion mobile and apply for loans to meet your needs. You can download the app in a few mins and create an account without delays. To download the app, take the procedures below:

    Cashlion Loans Login

    Create an account with the loan site to access the loan options available. You can log in to your account anytime to check your loan status or repay your loan. Meanwhile, the login process is easy. 

    See how you can log in to your Cashlion account:

    • Install the mobile app
    • Open the app
    • Click on login
    • Put your details and password 
    • And, done

    Cashlion loan requirements

    To be eligible for the loan offer, you need a few requirements. Cashlion does not ask for much to give out loans to customers. Check below to see the Cashlon loan requirements:

    • Be a Nigerian citizen
    • Have a BVN
    • Age between 20 and 60

    How Much Can I Get on Cashlion Loan App?

    The borrowing limit is now between 1500 and 2500 during this experimental phase. However, the cap will increase to 200K after they go live.

    How To Apply For Cashlion Loans

    The loan application process is as easy as anything. Once you meet the eligibility requirements, you can comfortably apply for your loan amount in a few easy steps. 

    See how you can apply for Cashlion loans:

    • Download the Cashlion app from the play store
    • Create or log in to your account 
    • Upload your bank account statements to get your loan limit
    • Apply and get money directly to your account

    How To Repay Cashlion Loan

    You can repay your loan to build a good credit score and credibility. There are two ways to repay once your loan amount is due:

    Repay via bank card:

    • Enter the bill information, choose the bank card payment option, check if the information is accurate, and then click [Repay Now];
    • Type the password for your bank card
    • To complete the repayment, enter the OTP sent to your phone.

    Repay via offline transfer:

    • Enter the information of the bill, choose the offline transfer option, and select the repayment amount, and the receiving account.
    • Send the money back to the account using a bank or online transfer.

    Cashlion Customer Care Line

    For assistance, you can always contact the Cashlion customer care line anytime. See their contact details below:

    • Phone Number: +234 8109252549
    • Email:
    • Mailing Address: Lekki Phase, Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria

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