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AGSMEIS Loan Application

Get the AGSMEIS loan approval and expand your business and produce quality products with The Agri-Business/Small and Medium Enterprise Investment Scheme. Join hands with the government and promote small enterprise investments.

Plus, creating room for economic development and employment age. Do you want to know how this scheme works? See the AGSMEIS Loan portal login and application procedures. 

AGSMEIS Non Interest Loan Approval Guide

AGSMEIS (Agri-Business/Small and Medium Enterprise Investment Scheme) is a program to assist the federal government policy and action to boost agro-businesses and small enterprises (SMEs), creating room for sustainable economic growth and employment age.

How AGSMEIS Scheme Works

Access loans and expand your business in six simple ways:

  1. Get Educated: Participate in mandated training with an Entrepreneurship Development Institute that is NIRSAL MFB certified (EDI).
  2. Enroll for loan: As a candidate, create an account by clicking “Apply Now,” verify your BVN, and choose an Entrepreneurship Development Institute certified by NIRSAL MFB (EDI).
  3. Receive Funds: Beneficiaries receive loans into their accounts. Unqualified candidates get feedback as soon as possible.
  4. Contact Business Support Service: The Entrepreneurship Development Institute helps you carry out your business ideas and offer commercial support service.
  5. Make sales: Sell your products and make profits to pay back loans.
  6. Payback Loan: Handle your business, maintain accurate records, and keep an eye on spending and sales to make profits and repay the loan.

AGSMEIS Loan Beneficiaries

If you wish to access the AGSMEIS loan, visit the official page of the AGSMEIS site. Then create an account that will enable them to process your application. Afterward, you will receive a call with regards to your business. And if you qualify, you will get the loan.

Is AGSMEIS Scheme Still going on?

Yes. The AGSMEIS loan application is still up and running. You can still enroll or create an account to access the loans. 

How Much can You Earn on AGSMEIS Loan?

Registered members can get up to 10 million Naira from CBN. Plus, you get an interest rate of 5% every year. 

Note that you don’t need collateral to access your AGSMEIS loan. This program does not ask for any collateral. 

How to Check AGSMEIS Loan Status

This scheme is very much accessible. It takes 6 to 8 weeks to process loan applications, including disbursements. 

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