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AgriSETA Bursary Fund SA

AgriSETA Bursary Fund SA: The Agricultural Sector Education and Training Authority (AgriSETA) offers bursaries to individuals who wish to pursue a career in agriculture. The purpose of the bursary fund is to give financially disadvantaged students who are passionate about agriculture and want to change the industry some support. The requirements, the scope of the bursary, and the application process for the AgriSETA bursary fund will all be covered in this section.

What Does it Cover?

The AgriSETA bursary fund covers the following expenses:

1. Tuition fees

2. Accommodation

3. Books and study materials

4. Living expenses

5. Travel expenses

The bursary is given out for a single academic year at a time, with the possibility of renewal provided the recipient fulfills academic requirements.

Who is Qualified for the AgriSETA Bursary Fund?

Applicants must fulfill the following requirements to be qualified for the AgriSETA bursary fund:

1. South African citizen or permanent resident

2. Must be enrolled in an agriculture-related course at a recognized institution of higher learning

3. Must have a valid South African ID

4. Must have a good academic record

5. Must exhibit a passion for farming and a dedication to growing the sector

6. Must be willing to sign a bursary agreement with AgriSETA

Steps to Apply for AgriSETA Bursary Fund

Applicants must take the following actions to apply for the AgriSETA bursary fund:

1. Get an application form from the closest AgriSETA office or the AgriSETA website.

2. Fill out the application and include all necessary paperwork, such as documentation of your enrollment, academic transcripts, and a certified copy of your ID.

3. Write a letter of motivation outlining your reasons for deserving the bursary and outlining how you intend to apply your education to advance the agricultural sector.

4. Send the application and all necessary paperwork to or the closest AgriSETA office.

When is the AgriSETA Bursary Application Deadline?

November of each year is typically the deadline for applications to the AgriSETA bursary fund. It is crucial to send in your application on time and make sure all necessary supporting documentation is included. Applications that are incomplete or received after the deadline will not be accepted.

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For people who are enthusiastic about agriculture and wish to change the sector, the bursary fund is a fantastic opportunity. The bursary pays for a variety of costs, such as living expenses, transportation costs, and tuition. Applicants must meet the requirements and exhibit a passion for agriculture to be eligible for the bursary. For additional information, contact the nearest AgriSETA office or check out their website if you are interested in applying for the bursary fund.

Contact Details

Physical Address

AgriSETA House, 529 Belvedere St, Arcadia, 0083

Postal Address

Box 23378, Gezina, 0031

Telephone + 27 (0) 12 301 5600

Fax + 27 (0) 12 325 1677/325 1624


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