AFPSLAI Loans Online – Loan Requirements

AFPSLAI Loans Online

Apply for the AFPSLAI loans online and get cash the same day. If you are a member of the AFPSLAI, you can apply for your desired loan type and receive funds to fund your business, control your finances or go on a vacation. Meet the loan requirements and successfully apply for the loan.

See how you can apply for loans on AFPSLAI.

About AFPSLAI Loans

AFPSLAI is a private, not-for-profit savings and loan organization founded in 1972 and registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). It stands for Armed Forces and Police Savings and Loans Association Inc.

The AFPSLAI, under the direction of the BSP, strives to encourage thriftiness, industry, and savings among its members who work for the AFP, PNP, BFP, BJMP, and their civilian workers.

AFPSLAI Eligibility

The Loan application is open to all members. Though, it is dependent on the loan type.

AFPSLAI Loan Requirements

With different loan options available on AFPSLAI, you will provide the requirements according to the loan type. You can’t get or receive loans without these requirements. 

Generally, the main requirements are:

  • Filled-up Loan Application Form and Promissory Note
  • One (1) 1×1 latest ID picture
  • Service ID/Pensioner ID and AFPSLAI ID
  • Marriage Contract (if married)
  • Certificate True Copy of Tax Declarations of Collateral
  • Copy of OCT/TCT/CCT (Original Certificate of Title/Transfer Certificate of Title/Condominium Certificate Title) of Collateral

How Many Cash Loans Can a Member Get?

To know the loan amount you can get on the platform, follow these easy steps:

  1. Put your preferred amount of monthly amortization.
  2. Choose the number of years you want to amortize your loan.
  3. Click on COMPUTE to know your loan amount or RESET to clear entries.

How Long Does It Take To Process a Loan?

If you provide the required documents and complete your application, you will receive your desired loan amount on the same day.

AFPSLAI Interest Rate

The AFPSLAI interest rate is a flexible one. The interest rate is 12 months – 6.00% and 24 months – 6.95%.

AFPSLAI Loan Calculator

It is the maximum debt a borrower is permitted to receive. You can calculate the loan by dividing the regular monthly pay and benefits by 12, the annual regular bonuses and incentives, and any current AFPSLAI contributions.

AFPSLAI Loan Application | How To Apply

Follow the simple instruction if you wish to get quick cash without issues. You can apply online or visit the AFPSLAI branch to begin your loan application. The process is stress-free and does not take the whole day. 

To apply for the loan online, take the easy steps below:

  • Go to the AFPSLAI official website.
  • Click on e-application
  • Select loan type
  • Complete the application form and get a reference number
  • Save and print the generated form.
  • Visit the selected office to submit your printed application form with the required documents.
  • The loan officer will process the loan.
  • Select the account you want to receive the loan
  • You will get the loan and sign for the loan release.

To complete your application at the branch office, take the guide below:

  • Go to the AFPSLAI office
  • Submit your LAF and requirements
  • The loan specialist will process the loan
  • Chose where to receive the money
  • You will receive the loan and sign the loan release

AFPSLAI Contact Details

You can contact the AFPSLAI customer care service for support or assistance via the following medium:

  •  Call (02) 8911-2032 local 2502.
  • e-mail at

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