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Birmingham-Nigeria Achievement Scholarships

    Outstanding Achievement scholarship

    Do you wish to study abroad? If yes, you have got it. Pick up a ticket and travel abroad to achieve your weirdest dreams. You can pursue your Ph.D. and bachelor’s degrees as a Nigerian student. Apply for the Outstanding Achievement Scholarships and study at the University of Birmingham. Plus a chance to learn any course of your choice. It is a fully funded program for Nigerians.

    If you wish to enroll, read through to learn about the program and how it works.

    About The Outstanding Achievement Scholarships For Nigerians

    The scholarship is a fully funded program to assist students bound up in financial fears. It is to reward outstanding students and ensure that financial concerns do not discourage them from pursuing a study at the University of Birmingham.

    The University of Birmingham is happy to announce the awarding of four £2,500 scholarships to students from Nigeria requesting admission to an undergraduate program at the university. It will commence in September 2022. These honors were given jointly with the regional leaders.

    The top performing scholars who begin their University of Birmingham programs in the 2022–2023 academic year will get the scholarships.

    Benefits/Values Of The Scholarship

    The rewarded students will have a lot to gain from this prestigious program. Abroad scholars will have nothing to worry about due to active support from the delegates. Check out the benefits below:

    • A full-time undergraduate degree program at the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom will receive a scholarship award of £2,500 toward tuition fees for the first year alone, beginning in September 2022.

    Eligibility For the Achievement Scholarships

    This scholarship is not open to applicants already in a program at the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom. And those who are pursuing the MBChB or BDS in medicine or surgery, respectively.

    To qualify for the award, you must:

    • You must have accepted an offer and choose the university of Birmingham as a full-time undergraduate program at the University of Birmingham. A first-year undergraduate student must enroll in a program with a Birmingham, UK, campus.
    • Meet the program’s academic requirements for acceptance.
    • Must be a Nigerian citizen
    • You should be able to pay the remaining tuition fees not covered by the scholarship and be classified by the university as an abroad fee payer for tuition reasons.
    • Possess enough money to pay for all living costs at the University of Birmingham and any visa or travel expenses related to learning in the UK.
    • In September 2022, they will begin their university studies (the scholarship award cannot wait).
    • Be connected with one of our local representatives and have their undergraduate studies application attached to that representative.
    • Pay your net tuition payments for the first year after enrolling in classes in September 2022 by 1 November, the day after enrollment.

    Eligible Country

    It is only open to Nigerians. Other countries may not apply for the scholarship program.

    How to Apply for the Outstanding Achievement Scholarships

    Take the following steps, if you want to apply for the scholarship: 

    • You must have accepted an invitation from Birmingham.
    • Choose Birmingham as your first choice in the scholarship application.
    • Must be in contact with any of the representatives.
    • The scholar will get the award based on their academic and extracurricular achievements. There will be no interview.

    They will make decisions public in August, and scholarships will give out when recipients enroll in classes in September 2022.

    Deadline for Application

    The application will end on 29 July 2022. Afterward, there will be no room to apply.

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