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Access Bank Quick Loans – How To Apply Online

    Access Bank Quick loans

    Take a step closer to your desired future and take action today. Get the funds you need to achieve your goals and make a better life. You can apply for Access Bank Quick loans today and meet your instant needs. Plus, you can borrow funds and pay at the agreed time with low interest, and no guarantor is required.

    Check the easy way to get personal loans and review the Access Bank Online Loans.

    Access Bank Quick Loans Review

    Access Bank Online is an instant loan creation for customers. The platform provides customers with the exact amount they need to sort issues. Also, users can get loans on the app without collateral or guarantor and at a low-interest rate.

    The loan range may vary depending on the type of loan you want. In all, the platform gives customers the required service.

    Check the attributes of the Access Bank Quick loans:

    • Flexibility to meet individual demands.
    • About 75% loan amount of net annual salary (for applicants with terminal benefit).
    • Loan amount of 50% of net annual earnings (for applicants without terminal gain)
    • About 36 months tenure.
    • Credit life insurance.

    Access Bank Loan Types

    Access bank loans have different types of loans to suit customers. Check the types of loans available:

    • Personal Loan
    • Payday loan
    • Quickbucks
    • Salary Advance
    • Creative Sector Loan
    • Access Device Financing
    • Advance for School Fees
    • Vehicle Finance
    • Home Loan
    • W Power Loan
    • MHSS
    • Cash-Backed Loan
    • Access more mileage
    • Small Ticket Personal Loans

    Access Bank Loan Interest Rate in Nigeria

    The interest rate for an Access bank loan is variable and depends on the kind of loan you want. The Access Payday loan has a 3% interest rate, while the Access Bank loan for the creative sector has a 9% interest rate.

    Access Bank Online Loan Calculator

    Check the access to the bank’s online loan to calculate your loan. Fill the form with the value to check your loans:

    Loan Calculator Principal Amount –

    Interest Rate –

    Period (Months) –

    Loan Details Monthly Installment –

    Interest Amount –

    Total Amount –

    Access Bank Quick Loans App – Access More

    Download the Access mobile app to perform a fast and secure online transaction. With the Access mobile app, get loans, pay bills, or recharge phones. You can do your banking business whenever you choose.

    The app is compatible with all android or iOS devices. Check the google play store, to download the app for your android device or the app store to download for your iPhone.

    Access Bank Online Loan Requirements

    To qualify for the loan requirements, provide the required documents to be eligible. Check the Access Bank Loan Requirements:

    • A completed application form.
    • A Copy of work ID and valid means of identification.
    • Credit reviews.
    • A duly accepted offer letter and term sheet
    • BVN
    • Credit checks.
    • Letter of Set-off.

    How Long Does it To Process Loans?

    The amount of loan and the type of loan determine how long it takes to process a loan. For some loans it takes 24hrs to receive credits into your account.

    How Do I Borrow Money From Access Bank?

    You can borrow above #50,000 via the access loan app. The process is more OK once you meet the requirements. 

    You can apply for loans using the USSD Code – *901#.

    Access Bank Loan Repayment Process

    You can choose to pay back your loan online. Or you go to the nearest access bank branch. 

    After roughly 30 days of receipt, you will make monthly installment payments. In order to relieve your burden from having to visit your banks, this sum is automatically withdrawn from your account each month.

    If you wish to repay offline, you can:

    • Go to any Access Bank branch close to you
    • Request for the type of loan repayment form you want
    • Fill the form with your information
    • And submit the form.

    Access Bank Quick Loans Code

    Use the Access Bank code to do your transactions. You can contact customer care, get loans and do more via the code. Dial *901# to Access more.

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